Britannia v Classics
Forsyth Road
1st. Oct. 2017

Conditions: Sunny and warm

Players on duty: Jason Clegg, Dave Moore, Larry Thorlakson, Gordie Macklin, David Breen, Gene Crowley, Daryl Lawrie, Jody Nelson, Chris Arcari, Lorenzo Arcari, Jim Eden, Brian Griffiths, Sherman Foster, Warren Crowley, Pat O'Krane, Willie Dixon.
Coaches on duty: Lorenzo Arcari & Pat O'Krane

Classics rule Britannia........
The Classics anticipated a depleted team with a reported 11-12 players out through injury or personal reasons. However, the late arrival of Daryl Lawrie (flown in from Alberta), a good decision by Sherman Foster and the not not availability of Chris Arcari meant that they lined up with five substitutes. There was a massive shock in the warm up as Dave Moore and Brian Griffiths were both sporting new boots. Moore went the traditional way with a pair of mens black Mitre football boots whereas Griffiths went with a white pair of non-descript pansy boots; to compound the matter they were decorated with gay colourful stripes down the sides. The last person to take that particular route lasted just one week! The match began and the first shot came after four minutes when Griffiths, wearing his sterile hospital boots, tested out his new footwear; it wasn't a good shot. Five minutes later Pat O'Krane threaded a lovely ball through for Gordie Macklin to run on to. With his head down he steamed forwards to a one-on-one with the home keeper. It should have been the opener but the keeper ushered Macklin and the ball away from goal. With a difficult angle he chose to chip the ball across goal to Lawrie who confidently headed it home for the opener.

The thirteenth minute saw Macklin back in the action when his snap shot was pushed aside by the keeper for a corner. Willie Dixon centered two minutes later for Macklin who headed in the right direction but didn't get enough power to trouble the Britannia shot stopper. Macklin then became provider as he laid on O'Krane's goal which made it 2-0. Minutes later the home side were back in the game after a wayward kick out of goal from Jason Clegg landed at a Britannia player's foot. He threaded the ball through and caught the defence flat-footed for his teammate to place the ball low past Clegg. It was the first goal of the season conceded by the miserly defence. 2-1 and game on. With half time looming a run into the box from Jody nelson was unceremoniously ended as he was brought down for a penalty. Like a blast from the past, Jim Eden stepped up to dispatch the kick which went just to the left of the keeper to make it 3-1. It was Eden's 141st. goal for the club.

The 63rd. minute brought the next bit of action when Macklin shot goalwards. It was a good chance but his shot was as tame as a lamb and the keeper was not troubled. Just two minutes later the game was sewn up with a fourth goal. After constant pressure in the Britannia goalmouth the ball was eventually bundled goalwards by Lowrie. It was bouncing on its way towards the net but Macklin stole in to make sure as he picked Lawrie's pocket for the goal. Dixon had a few chances to score against his old employers but it just wouldn't run right for him. Foster was brutally hacked down off the ball and he fell like a sack of spuds; he also took a mental note of the number 20 on the back of the offender's shirt. Warren Crowley had been in and out of the game and at this stage the coach asked him to warm up so he went out of the shade into the sunshine. With 15 minutes left Dixon got a break away and looked like he would snatch his goal but his glory was denied as he shot straight at his old mate, the keeper. The final goal of the game came from Foster, who went on a jinking run into the box. He took the long way round with several diversions but eventually found his destination and sealed the game with the fifth goal. As the players left the field, Griffiths was still wearing his sissy boots (see photo on left).

Final Score: Britannia 1 Classics 5 (1-3)

MWG: Pat O'Krane
Yellow Cards: Pat O'Krane, Brian Griffiths
Crap Award: Brian Griffiths (because of his pansy boots)