Classics v Delta Stingers
James Hill
11th. Mar. 2018

Conditions: Sunny but a bit cold

Players on duty: Jason Clegg, Jeff Dickson, Jimmy Butler, Randy Hosler, Dave Moore, Pat Rohla, Alan Massender, Larry Thorlakson, Gordie Macklin, David Breen, Gene Crowley, Daryl Lawrie, Jody Nelson, Lorenzo Arcari, Alfie Deglan, Pat O'Krane, Willie Dixon.
Coaches on duty: Pat Rohla & David Breen.

Stingers stung again........
The clocks went forward one hour so even Alan Massender was on time for this game. Lorenzo Arcari opened the scoring on the quarter-hour mark. It came from a corner and Arcari jumped with the keeper (he said higher than the keeper) and the keeper fumbled the ball onto Arcari's head and it went in. The Stingers got a lifeline back with a powerful shot which Jason Clegg could do nothing about as it came with such ferocity. It followed a tremendous block from Gene Crowley who had laid his life on the line for the team. Most of the attacking play was coming from the home side and it was no surprise when a rocket shot from Randy Hosler brought the game back to life in the 35th. minute. The sideline couldn't decide if it was meant as cross or a shot so it was labelled a crott. It came from all of 30 yards though and looked a beauty. The teams left for their half time refreshment with a 2-1 scoreline.

It took just a couple of minutes into the second half for the ball to be in the net again. It followed a centre which deflected into the net as an own goal to make it 3-1 to the hosts. Two minutes later it was 4-1 after a right wing cross from Jeff Dickson fell at the back of the box where Pat Rohla was lurking. Rohla took the ball on the volley and smashed it across the face of the goal where it hit the far post and curled into the net almost via the near post. It was another cracking goal from the player/coach/goalscorer. In the 49th minute Gordie Macklin delicately chipped the ball goalwards but the keeper made a fine save to put the ball wide of the goals for a corner. Surefooted Rohla was the butt of everyone's jokes when he missed an absolute sitter in the 52nd minute which somehow took the shine off his earlier goal. He only had the keeper to beat and he remarkably put the ball wide - it takes a lot of skill to do that - it was going from the sublime to the ridiculous!

A kerfuffle developed in the 57th minute which resulting in one of the Stingers players being sent from the field and this was closely followed by Pat O'Krane being sin-binned also, for perpetual niggling. Dickson was unlucky in the 61st minute when his effort went just over the angle of the crossbar. The Stingers got a break away 66 minutes in and the ball was pushed to the left of Clegg to make it 4-2. A lovely dummy by Alfie Deglan allowed Jody Nelson a clear break on goal but he failed to take full advantage of the opportunity. The comic moment of the game happened after Larry Thorlakson tripped up over a worm that had come up for air... Macklin found himself on the goal list with ten minutes remaining after he stooped to head the ball home - he called it a diving header but he sometimes lives in his own little world. In the last minute of the game Deglan gave away a penalty which became the last kick of the game. The Stingers player struck the kick well and low just inside the left post but Clegg made a remarkable save by diving hard to his right to push the ball round the post. He now joins illustrious company and jointly holds the current record for penalty saves with Judd Boxtart and Dave Moore (although Moore caught his save)!

Final Score: Classics 5 Delta Stingers 2 (2-1)

Yellow Card: Pat O'Krane
Penalty Conceded: Alfie Deglan
Penalty Save: Jason Clegg
Crap Award: Pat Rohla