Surrey Classics FC v Cliff Senior
Denny Ross
11th. April 2010

Weather: Sunny and warm
Avenue closed for repairs ..........
The Classics wound up their make up league games for the season with a visit from a very stong Cliff Avenue team. Alan Massender was a welcome returnee from injury and the game was played at a blistering pace under the hot BC sunshine. The opening exchanges were finely balanced and the first real goalworthy effort came from Cliff in the tenth minute after a left wing corner. The ball swung over and was volleyed goalwards but Dave Moore was on the far post to head the ball off the line to safety. Cliff also hit the crossbar on two occasions in the opening half hour while the Classics had their fair share of chances but none were finished off.

Dean Herbert again gave his ham string a work out but after a few minutes running he was reduced to leaving the field once again injured - maybe it needs a rest! Warren Crowley made an inspired break away in the 32nd. minute which resulted in him walking round the visiting goalkeeper but the ball ran too far ahead and he was unable to capitalise. He'd done all the hard work and it was such a shame that he couldn't put the ball in the net to give the Classics the lead. Five minutes later another Cliff attack was finished with a goalbound shot and this time Fisher Crockett was on hand to kick the ball off the line.

The game livened up three minutes from the break with another good attack which was instigated by W. Crowley but Chuck McGill failed to connect and provide a decent finish. One minute before the break, a poor give-away from Crockett left a Cliff forward with a run at goal and he was unfortunate to see his shot hit the post.

The second half was a similar story with both teams searching for a decisive moment to break the deadlock so, the way it was going, it was going to take either an inspired piece of finishing or an unwanted mistake to clinch the game. No quarter was given or asked from either team as each strived for the elusive coup de grāce. Cliff had more bad fortune and must have hit the crossbar or post on another four occaisions but in the words of the almighty Rick Geary, "they weren't good shots or they would have gone in!" They must have been cursing their luck.

Gordie Macklin stroked home the deciding goal midway through the half after some good work by McGill. The goal made Macklin the leading league goalscorer for the season. Some people may say that it went against the run of play but it's a funny old game is football and 'swings and roundabouts' seems to spring to mind on this one. Pat Rohla went out of the game injured after stopping with the ball at his feet on the touchline as he was almost unable to walk. Another Cliff attack ended when Crockett was on hand yet again to head the ball off the line to safety with Garry Hackel beaten. McGill missed a glorious chance of sealing the win but his header was placed well over the bar.

Several people considered that the visitors had a bad run of finishing luck but all credit must be given to the Classics defence who, despite all the goal-line clearances and umpteen posts and crossbars, played a stormer of a game to every man. A good team is built around a strong defence and the Classics certainly had that on the day.

Final Score 3-0 (1-0)

MWG: G. Macklin
You were crap award: C. McGill