Surrey Classics FC v Delta United
Cloverdale #3
12th. November 2006

Classics drive on like the rain........

It was another cold, blustery, rainy day but the Classics were playing football, one of the few teams in the lower mainland to have the ability to do so. The Classics began the game with the driving Cloverdale rain at their backs and it was almost a constant onslaught of attacking play from the off, with the ball in and around the United penalty area like a dog with a bone on a piece of elastic. All the attacking prowess, however failed to bring any goal worthy attempts. The home side had a plethora of shots but all were going wide of the mark. The Classics were playing virtually with a back three with Dave Moore drifting in and out to the middle of defence to assist Ray Marrington. This left Danny Jensen a free role in between the midfield and the defence, one which he used to good effect. Larry Thorlakson doubled as a deep right sided midfielder so that he could cover for Moore as necessity arose.

classics v delta  classics v delta

The Classics took the lead midway through the first half when an intelligent ball from Chris Arcari released Jimmy Butler on a surging run, one which resulted in him comprehensively beating the United goalkeeper to put the Classics deservedly ahead. However, the goal seemed to spur on United and they tried desperately to get back into the game. The visitors finally found the net after a left wing attack resulted in a centre into the box. A United forward slid in and clashed legs with Classics keeper Garry Hackel with the result that the ball cannoned off the attacker and into the net. Initially it appeared to be an own goal but after consultation the goal was awarded as legitimate.

The second half was going to be tough with the Classics facing the driving rain but it didn't turn out that way. The play was pretty even but chances were few and far between at both ends. A left wing corner in the 55th. minute gave the Classics the breakthrough that they needed. Jim Eden floated over a welcoming centre and Arcari was on hand at the near post to direct a brave header down and over the line to put the Classics ahead for the second time. Hackel was having a torrid time as the rib injuries he sustained a few weeks ago was impeding his ability to dive, get down low, catch and kick, attributes that are somewhat essential for any goalkeeper.

classics v delta  classics v delta

The Classics were awarded a direct free kick in the 65th. minute which was outside the penalty area to the left of the field. Up stepped Eden for one of his copybook free kicks. From 25 yards Eden sailed a high shot which was destined for the far top corner. The United keeper got a hand to it but couldn't get enough of it to prevent the Classics from increasing their lead. 3-1 Classics. It should have been 4-1 when Butler was given another break away but his shot was directly at the keeper and the chance went begging.

Hackel could soldier on no more as by this stage his injuries had made him about as much use as a one legged man at a backside kicking competition. Moore received the call to do a stint for the second consecutive game and he took his place between the sticks. At 3-1, the stand in keeper was looking for an easy time and to play out the game with relative ease but United started a sustained attacking barrage and made him work for his corn. They created several shots and free kicks on target but Moore was equal to them all and was catching most things as if the ball and his gloves were made out of Velcro. His distribution could have been a little better but he was sporting enough to play the ball out of touch several times, just in the event that the visitors were about to sustained any injuries. He was disappointed that he couldn't go up for any corners but Fisher Crockett advised against any such actions - just in case. In any event, "The Flying Pig" sustained his second consecutive shut out to assist the Classics achieve another good home win against a side that are very capable.

Final Score 3-1 (1-0)

MWG: C. Arcari
You were crap award: D. Jensen