Surrey FC Classics v Stingers
Newton Athletic #5
12th. December 2004

Classics take the Sting out of the Stingers...........
The visit of Stingers is always a game to look forward to as they are usually a close, hard fought game with the result generally being a 1-0 affair. This game started off at a cracking pace and the Classics should have taken the lead as early as the first minute. Rick Geary was put through one on one with the opposing keeper but Geary blasted the ball straight at him to which he gratefully collected the ball to thwart the danger and deny the home side an early lead.

The Classics did take the lead in the 10th. minute through Chris Arcari. Arcari received the ball from Bruce Cook who was lurking on the left, and he hit a delightful shot to the top left intersection of the bar and post. The Classics were applying all the pressure and the Stingers were limited to the odd break away which the in-form Classics defence coped admirably with. It was deservedly 2-0 when Cook squared a ball to feed Arcari once again in the 35th. minute. This time Arcari opted to chip the ball over the keeper to make it a 2-0 half time lead.

The Stingers brought reinforcements for the second half but they found no early Christmas spirit in the Classics defence as they were holding strong with last line Garry Hackel having little to do, although he did it very well. The Hack stopped every threat that the Stingers could hit him with and it was going to be one of those days when the visitors would not score if they stayed until it went dark.

Christmas came early for Jim Eden, who confessed that he was having a tough time finding his scoring boot (singular), when a back pass to the Stingers goalie caught the keeper in two minds. With Alfie Deglan boxing in the keeper as if it was a strategic chess move, Eden moved in for the check mate move and the keeper presented him with the ball at his feet. He unwrapped the early present and tapped the ball in with glee to make it a 3-0 game.

Five minutes later a Stingers attack resulted in the referee awarding them a penalty kick after Hackel was adjudged to have pushed an attacker in the back. Was it going to be another Christmas gift but this time for the opposition? Unfortunately, Hackel was in Scrooge mode and there was no way that he was going to be beaten, even with a penalty kick. With a determined look on his face Hackel positioned himself for the kick but the taker placed the ball wide of the left hand post and the shut out was intact.

In an after match interview, Arcari was asked about his goals. He modestly commented, "I just turned, closed me eyes, and hit it." And thatís just the sort of man he is.

Final Score 3-0 (2-0)

MWG: C. Arcari
Penalty Conceded: G. Hackel
Stingers missed a penalty
Team Photographer: T. Short
You were crap award: H. Erker