Surrey Classics FC v Chilliwack
McMillan Island
14th. October 2007

Fans win in Classic draw........

The Classics finally Christened their new home field when they entertained Chilliwack once again. With fixtures being rearranged due to the Vancouver fields being closed because of a strike, Chilliwack became the opponents for the second time in as many league matches (What! We've only played two). The match kicked off in glorious sunshine with goalkeeper Garry Hackel losing the toss and the Classics having to face the sun.

The first move of the game resulted in a "Classic Moment of Comedy" as the Chilliwack left winger tore down the field and was confronted by Larry Thorlakson on the touchline midway into the Classics half. Thorlakson touched the ball and then suddenly froze. The winger was so surprised that he didn't know what to do for a few minutes. Seeing that Thorlakson was "out of it" he continued on his way towards goal. The Axe eventually realised what had happened and he turned, unfortunately it was with the speed of a North Sea Ferry, but the winger missed a golden opportunity to put the visitors in the lead in the first minute. It was a battle in midfield with every player getting stuck in hard but chances were coming fast and furious at both ends of the field.

After a quarter of an hour the Classics got the first breakthrough. A long right-wing throw from Thorlakson sent Ranger haring down the wing. He sent a perfect centre over from the dead ball line and Jimmy Butler, from the back post, sent a looping header into the far corner and beyond the reach of the Chilliwack keeper. However, the lead was short lived as five minutes later Rick Geary lost a centre-circle tussle for the ball and the visitor's number 7 broke away on a one-on-one with Hackel. The visiting player comfortably dispatched the ball out of the reach of Hackel for the equalising goal.

In the 28th. minute a left wing centre from Bruce Cook was well dummied by Danny Jensen which released Butler again. Butler ran the ball in from almost the goal line to put the Classics back in front. Chilliwack responded with another goal in the 35th. minute but it was somewhat fortuitous. A left wing punt into the goalmouth from almost the half way line was met perfectly by Geary (yes - Geary) who glanced the ball past Hackel and into the net. Hackel could have made a better effort at the save but he had incorrectly anticipated that the ball was going wide of the net.

**Rule 27 Classics official handbook** Only Dave Moore is supposed to score past Hackel.

The second half saw chances at both ends and a 5-5 score would not have been out of place but the visitors took the lead for the first time in the game with ten minutes remaining. The Classics had pushed everybody forward for a corner, leaving only Fisher Crockett defending on the centre spot. It was to be a costly mistake as Chilliwack broke clear down the right and centred the ball. With the defenders scurrying back somewhat reminiscent of a Deglan gold rush, the visitors had time to put a "take a number" machine in the goal mouth as there were no fewer than four forwards waiting to put the ball in the net past Hackel. It only took one though. With time running out, it appeared that the Classics had blown it big time.

With five minutes remaining the Classics threw caution to the wind and played a back three which released Jensen as another attacker. It was a winning ploy as a minute later Jensen was on hand to scramble the ball over the line to make it 3-3. In the final analysis, a draw was a fair result as the two teams were well matched and neither deserved to lose. One wonders what the fixtures will throw up next week - maybe a trip to Chilliwack.

Final Score 3-3 (2-2)

R. Geary (OG)
You were crap award: D. Moore