Surrey Classics v Tri City United
Noel Booth
14th. Oct 2012

Weather: Heavy rain but warm

Players on duty: Chris Arcari, Lorenzo Arcari, Fisher Crockett, Gene Crowley, Warren Crowley, Alf Deglan, Rick Geary, Dean Herbert, Danny Jensen, Daryl Lawrie, Chuck McGill, Alan Massender, Dave Moore, Doug Rosenlund, Larry Thorlakson

Tri as they might, they mighty fall......................................
The Classics entertained Tri City United for the first times in about a decade on a rainy day at Noel Booth. The Classics got the ball rolling in the fifth minute when Gene Crowley slipped the ball through to Alan Massender who laid on a break-away for Daryl Lawrie who clipped the ball past the visiting keeper. Minutes later Tri City were level after a poor clearance from Dean Herbert in goal went straight to an opposing player who immediately hit a high shot towards Herbert. Herbert parried the ball up above his head but allowed it fall down again and over the line for the equalising goal. Herbert was quick to point out that after he played a one-two with himself he should get the assist on the goal. G. Crowley laid on the second goal in the 20th minute for Alan Massender who claimed that he chipped the ball over the advancing keeper with his right foot but the general concensus was that the video evidence proved that it was his left foot - apparently he uses his right foot only for standing on! Just over half way through the first half that man, G. Crowley again, laid on his hat-trick of goal making assists and it was another chipped goal, this time from Lawrie who completed his brace. The score was 3-1 at the half.

The second half erupted like a volcano in a tea cup after Larry Thorlakson was roughing it up a bit and was involved in an altercation with one of the opposition who had some difficulty in understanding what Larry was calling him. The same opposing player had another go when he hit Danny Jensen with his elbow, knocking him to the ground. As he was falling Rick Geary though that it might be fun so he started to fall too and his momentum allowed him to fall on Jensen. McGill came over and picked them both up with one hand. Master playmaker G. Crowley put through Chuck McGill on the right wing. McGill only had one thing on his mind and he unleashed a rasping shot from an awkward position which cannonned in off the underside of the crossbar giving the visiting keeper about as much hope as he would have trying to plait sawdust. G. Crowley again had a hand (or should that be a foot?) in the next goal when he put Thorlakson through the middle. Thorlakson in turn slipped a clever pass through the defence to Lawrie who slotted the ball home from close range after it had rolled across the goalmouth.

The match inflicted the first defeat of the season on Tri City who were not please about it. One of the players walking off near the end of the matches was heard to say, "I'm not coming here again!" but the quote of the match went to Kara, Gene Crowley's neice, who commented, "That's a really bad wet tee-shirt competition." Other points of interest were Thorlakson's fake dive and Jensen's shot from 25 yards which came back off the post. Chris Arcari also received praise about one of his efforts when someone was heard to remark, "Q: How do you know it wasn't a shot - A: because it was on net." When questioned after the match the referee had recorded the result as a 6-1 win but many Classics players conferred and decided that the result was 5-1 unless anyone knows differently or maybe the invisible man scored another!

Final Score: Classics 5 Tri City United 1 (3-1)

GK: Dean Herbert