Fort United v Surrey Classics FC
DW Poppy East
14th. November 2010

Weather: Cloudy with threatening rain
League cock-up overcome ..........
It is quite amazing that this game took place under the circumstances. The League, in their infinite wisdom, decided to change all the fixtures again. Chilliwack were expecting the Classics, the Classics were expecting to travel to Chilliwack and Fort United were expecting Britannia showing up to play them. However, the switch in schedule means that the Classics will have to play back-to-back games with FUFC yet again meaning that they will have met four times before Christmas while they have yet to complete a fixture against Chilliwack, Aldergrove and Polonia!

The game began with the Classics having just one substitute. Larry Thorlakson pulled out after the warm up and took it upon himself to become Bill LaFarge ll, Jim Eden and Chuck McGill were hurriedly making their way to Langley from Chilliwack, The Hack was sunning himself in Mexico, Alan Massender was suffering from too much Birch Bay fire water, Dean Herbert was away on personal business, Doug Rosenlund was coaching in California and Warren Crowley was still undergoing intensive counselling after last weeks 'no game' debacle!

However, the game eventually got underway on a field which was more akin to hosting an all-in women's mud wrestling competition than football. It took the Classics some time to get into their rhythm and to make matters worse Pat Rohla had to leave the field injured after about ten minutes of devastating wing play. The injury did give Chas Jones an earlier than expected return to first team duties after being out of action since his last mini-comback which lasted about five minutes in the 7-1 thrashing of Point Grey Thistle at McMillan Island almost three years ago to the day. The half was evenly balanced although the visitors had the better of the early chances but it was the home side who took the lead on the 20 minute mark. A left wing break resulted in one of the attackers cutting into the box and hammering the ball past Dave Moore's, who was deputising in goals, near post.

Within minutes the Classics hit back with a superb individual goal from the promising young striker Gordie Macklin, who siezed the opportunity to rob the home keeper of the ball at the dead ball line. Macklin nipped in, stole it out of the keeper's hands, and placed an inch perfect shot into the goal from what looked like an impossible acute angle. Pythagoras would have been proud to calculate and execute such an accurate piece of mathematical genius with such effect. It's a wonder that Macklin didn't get arrested for pick-pocketing! The score remained at 1-1 after the first half.

The second half witnessed the visitors pressing hard for most of the period without the rewards. The forwards and midfielders were queueing up to miss, with McGill being one of the main culprits, but in his favour he was doing most things right and was unlucky on several occasions. Even Rick Geary managed to get forward enough to miss a couple of sitters. He did make up for it though midway through the second half when the Classics took the lead. Some good build up play from Jim Eden resulted in a fine centre into the box. The ball rebounded off McGills leg and fell invitingly for Geary who had the simplest of taske to force the ball over the line for what turned out to be the match winner.

To give United their due they continued to push with some probing runs which, with a little more luck, could have paid off for them. With time running out, the visitors played a sensible game and held on to the ball sufficiently well enough to avoid an upset in the scoreline. Fisher Crockett had an exceptional game, particularly his first-half performance, as he cut out several dangerous attacks with some impressive defending. In the end it could be summed up as an ugly performance but the Classics did just enough under unusual circumstances to deservedly win the game. See you again next week!

Final Score 1-2 (1-1)

GK: D. Moore, R. Keam
MWG: R. Geary
You Were Crap Award: not awarded