Aldergrove v Surrey Classics FC
McMillan Island (A)
16th. January 2011

Weather: Cold with on/off rain

Macklin goes nap ..........

"This is the story of young Gordie Macklin,
He came out for a game and his feet they were cracklin,
With no goalie to hand it was Moore who was Hacklin,
Extra work for defence so they stepped up their tacklin,
When the goals did go in, the totals were stacklin,
No girls on the team so no-one was called Jacklin,
Couldn't find any more rhymes so young Gordie should dive,
'Cos he owes us a round as he rattled in five."

Final Score: 1-6 (1-3)

GK: D. Moore
MWG: G. Macklin
You Were Crap Award: C. McGill