Classics v Peninsular Transit
James Hill
17th. Dec. 2017

Conditions: Four degrees and steady drizzle or heavy rain depending on individual opinions

Players on duty: Jason Clegg, Jeff Dickson, Randy Hosler, Pat Rohla, Alan Massender, Larry Thorlakson, Gordie Macklin, David Breen, Gene Crowley, Daryl Lawrie, Jody Nelson, Pat O'Krane
Coach on duty: Gordie Macklin

A Classic disappointment........
It was a disappointing last match before Christmas for the Classics due to a preponderance of no-show players. Before this game the Classics were getting great turn-outs and enough substitutes to allow every player sufficient field time but on this day there were only 10 players available for selection which made the coaches job a somewhat difficult formality. Many thanks to Dave M, Willie, Sherman, Lorenzo, Jim E, Jimmy B, Pat R, Chuck and Chris for the advance warning of non-availability. Pat Rohla came and saw the turnout so he went home for his kit and thus became available, although injured. Alan Massender was another 'team-player' to be coerced into suiting up to help with the short numbers so great credit to them both.

The Classics played the first 30 minutes with only 10 players until Rohla and Massender were ready to start. It was good organised start and the 10 players took lead on 20 minutes with a long range measured shot from Macklin. The opposition equalised then got another just before the half time whistle gave relief to the tiring legs. It was still evenly balance in the second half until... bang bang - a couple of mental/communication lapses occurred and Transit got two more goals. The home side actually had some good chances but, as legs were still tiring against the quality and pace, the number of substitutes used by Transit had a large bearing on the result. At the heart of the defence Randy and Gene played like Scirea and Gentile from Italy. A couple of posts, crossbars and bounces went straight to the opposition for clearance before they got another deserved goal from a penalty kick. From theron it was basically a case of 'run out the clock.' It was a good effort by all the players that were able to play. Some of the highlights were: the nice HOT SOUP provided by Jeff Dickson and Randy Hosler on a damn cold day; Gene's beer; Dave Breen got 90 minutes; Larry never yelled at the referee; Darrell Lawrie locked down the left side with numerous overlaps; Jody ran miles like a Kenyan in the Olympics; Pat was the midfield general enhanced by a couple good slide tackles; Jeff had some great cutting runs and soft touches in our 18 yard box; Jason Clegg stopped a three-on-nothing breakaway which looked like something from star wars.

To sum up - the final score does not tell the whole story as possession was maybe 55/45 to the opposition. With the manager absent, Hosler, Dickson and Thorlakson decided that disciplinary hearings for all 'no-shows,' especially without informing the team in a timely manner, will take place at the Murrayville at the earliest opportunity in the New Year. As sole coach, Gordie Macklin had the last word when he declared, "Our 10 starting lads worked their asses off and I will stand by my men. God save the Queen."

Final Score: Classics 1 Peninsular Transit 5 (1-2)

Penalty conceded: Randy Hosler
Crap Award: Goes to all the no-shows