Surrey Classics FC v Ben United
Cloverdale Athletic (Old Turf)
18th. March 2007

Bill & Jen 2, Ben 0........

This was not a classic game. Last weeks euphoria after the fantastic win at Chilliwack was soon undone and it was back down to earth with a bump. This performance could be likened to watching synchronised swimming or curling on TV. Gone was the fluency, passion and determination of late and the team demonstrated that they can also go through the motions too. Admitted, several key players were absent and the defence looked like a band-aid trying to quell the loss of a limb but they still came out with some credit. With Garry Hackel still knocking back the cervezas and tequillas, Dave Moore was once again called upon to take charge of the goalmouth. Danny Jensen returned to the centre of defence and Jim Eden had to continue playing the sweeper role in the absence of the regular centre backs.


Playing on the old turf field, the match started brightly enough with the Classics dominating the early play. For the fifth game in succession, the Classics started off the game with an early goal. Jensen had somehow moved up into the attack in the early stages of the encounter and he was wending his way forward singing "I love to go a-wandering" and he somehow managed an early shot on the visiting keeper. He was just returning back to his station but the ball was punted forward once again and Jensen was on hand to stoop and steer a fine header wide of the keeper to give the Classics the lead that they probably deserved at that stage of the match. That was about it for Jensen as he had to leave the field after 15 minutes with a recurrance of his calf strain. Larry Thorlakson had to do as a makeshift centre-half in his place. The remainder of the first half was a non-entity with very little chances at both ends.


The second half continued in similar fashion to the first half with another early goal. This time the damage was done from a great right wing corner from Kenny Johnson. The ball was floated high over the goalmouth and Billy Ranger was in the perfect position to power a fine header from six yards out of the reach of the United keeper. Ex-stalwart Hans Erker had made the long journey to see a continuation of the the recent scoring exploits of Alfie Deglan but the most excitement he saw was Eden blasting a dead ball onto the back of the head of Thorlakson. Ben United tried to get back into the game and the nearest they came was a shot that hit the far upright but as we all know "it's part of the equipment". The midfield and forwards were in poor shooting form with no-one willing to take on the responsibility, and they were content to play tic-tac-toe in front of goal instead of having a crack. Bruce Cook was put through at least three times in a one-on-one with the United keeper but his efforts were of powder-puff proportion and caused the opposing goalie no trouble at all.


It was another win however. Ugly but successful, and credit must be given to the defenders who had to step in due to absentees. Eden did a competent job in his new role and marshalled the defence in fine style to achieve another creditable shut out. Oh - the midfield and forwards did a bit of occasional work too.

Final Score 2-0 (1-0)

MWG: D. Jensen
You were crap award: D. Jensen