Surrey Classics FC v Britannia
Bakerview Park (H)
18th. September 2011

Weather: Great with a large playable field

Classics start in style..........
Game Summary by Chris Arcari:
1-0 Gene Crowley taps the ball in from about the six yard line into an open goal. The build-up was Rohla on the right to Macklin who sent the ball into the box. After a mix up between the defender and the goalie it was left to Crowley to put the ball away. It would be a stretch to say he put a bulge in the old onion bag.

1-1 Britannia ties up the game after one of their men was allowed to make a far post run on a cross ball from a set piece. It was a simple head ball. Half time.

1-2 Britannia goes ahead when one of their players did well to dribble through and around several Classic defenders (including our goalie).  All that was left for him to do was slot the ball into the open cage.

2-2 A brilliant header from Arcari who made a stealth-like run into an opening in the otherwise stout Britannia defense. Macklin really did all the work, calmly controlling the ball just outside the penalty area, waiting for the run, and lofted a soft ball that all Arcari had to do was direct down and beyond the helpless keeper.

3-2 Another Macklin to Arcari hook-up was set up by a space-clearing run by Massender. He made a square run along the 18 yard line, drawing most of Britannia defense with him. Macklin, again showing the type of poise we have come to expect, recognized the run as a decoy before spotting an opportunistic Arcari filling the hole (something he claims to do on a regular basis). After laying a perfectly waited ball, all Macklin had to do was watch as Arcari provided a "Classic" finish that was worthy of the match winning goal. Arcari took a look and cooly slotted the ball to the goalie's left and into the net.

4-2 The fourth goal was the result of another well-orchestrated buildup. Massender found himself on the left sideline looking for a target. Seeing none, he waited for Arcari to make a knife-like run to the opponent's corner. Wanting to involve the rest of the squad, Arcari held off the Britannia defenders and waited until support arrived. Several minutes later, he laid the ball back to Massender who hit Herbert (who came out of retirement for the second year in a row). Herbert, rather than try to slow down continued his scathing run before he heard the voice of Brian Macklin telling him to give the ball up and get back into his own end. Herbert laid the ball off to Keam who unleashed a shot reminiscent of a frozen rope. While the goalie did flail at the ball, it was really an attempt made in vain because the second the ball left the foot most of the Classic players knew it would be a matter of him picking the ball out of the back of the net. It was a strong respond from the Classics to re-assert themselves after falling behind 2-1 early in the second half.

Final Score: 4-2 (1-1)

MWG - Arcari
Crap Award - Chuck McGill (for leaving it at home)
Food was lovingly provided by the Crowley brothers. Well done lads!