Delta United v Classics
Pebble Hill Park, Tsawwassen
19th. Nov. 2017

Conditions: Freezing cold, incessant rain, windy, wet through and thoroughly fed up

Players on duty: Jason Clegg, Jimmy Butler, Randy Hosler, Dave Moore, Pat Rohla, Alan Massender, Larry Thorlakson, Gordie Macklin, David Breen, Gene Crowley, Daryl Lawrie, Jody Nelson, Chris Arcari, Lorenzo Arcari, Brian Griffiths, Sherman Foster, Pat O'Krane, Willie Dixon.
Coaches on duty: Warren Crowley & Sherman Foster

Ferries cancelled due to the weather but game goes on........
The Classics kicked off with the wind at their backs and the first attack came in the third minute. A cross was floated over for Daryl Lawrie but his stooped headed attempt didn't even connect with the ball. Bryan Griffiths was heading for goal in the fifth minute when he was wiped out by the United keeper in the box. The referee had no option but to award a penalty which Jimmy Butler stepped up to take. Reliable Jimmy had never missed a spot kick in his life so it was odds on for a 1-0 scoreline. After replacing the ball on the spot, as it kept blowing away, he eventually hit his shot to the right of the keeper who dived to push the ball away for a corner - it just proves there is a first time for everything! Griffiths had another shot in the 10th after a good right wing surge by Butler put him through. However, it it looped over the bar. Butler made amends for his penalty debacle on the quarter hour as he blasted the ball to the right of the keeper to make it 1-0 at the second attempt.

A full line change occurred when four subs entered the field after 20 minutes. It was the late show as some of the Langley reprobates had been mooching round the suburbs picking up homeless people on the way to the game and thus got delayed. Willie Dixon won the ball well with six minutes of the half remaining and he laid it off to Pat Rohla who sent two defenders off for a hamburger and a hot coffee while he took time to send a perfect cross into the box. Jody Nelson rose like a Betty Crocker cake to powerfully head home past the giant United keeper. It was like David and Goliath all over again. Due to the conditions both teams decided to forgo the half time refreshments and turn straight round.

Lawrie fought well for the ball in the 56th and threaded it through for Butler to run onto and he was razor sharp as he stroked the ball home to the left of the keeper. Griffiths was now playing in the 'rover' position after Gordie Macklin left the field injured and he finally got one on target. He struck a rising left footer which the keeper could only push onto the underside of the bar and in so Griffiths made it 4-0. With the weather still driving into the faces of the Classics players, Rohla sent the ball to Pat O'Krane who then pushed it through to Butler who tucked the ball inside the post to complete his hat trick. It's time for the comedy moment of the match and it came from Dixon, who's feet were having an argument with each other trying to decide which one would kick the ball. He was later duly, and rightfully, awarded the crap award for his wizardry (or should I say his amazing feaet?).

Nelson set up Lawrie who got the last goal when, with seconds remaining, he struck a right foot curler into the corner. Nelson had thus set up two goals and scored one himself so it was a good return on the day. Gordie had the burning question of the after match discussion when he asked, "Did the Delta team get another shot on goal other than Dave Moore's curling special?" Apparently Moore has to occasionally test out a new keeper and he hasn't yet been able to beat Jason Clegg. He's getting closer though as todays spectacular attempt was within an inch or two of hitting the net. Alan Massender returned to the team after his Hawaii holiday and, as he did nothing on the field, he decided to show off his tan to everyone in the changing room - well it was a bog really - but it was only a good match to Brian Griffiths' sparking white boots!

Final Score: Delta United 0 Classics 6 (0-2)

MWG: Jimmy Butler
Hat Trick: Jimmy Butler
Crap Award: Willie Dixon