Surrey Classics vs Chilliwack
Noel Booth Park (H)
19th. February 2012

Conditions: Very good with very good weather

Players: Gary Hackel, Randy Hosler, Danny Jensen, Rick Geary, Larry Thorlakson, Alan Massender, Alfie Deglan, Gene Crowley, Charles McGill, Gordie Macklin, Chris Arcari, Jim Eden, Fisher Crockett, Mike Stewart, Doug Rosenlund. Missing: Dean Herbert, Robbie Keam, Dave Moore, Pat Rohla

Classics stumble against Chilliwack (match report by Chris Arcari) ..........
The Classics opened the scoring off a wonderful set piece from their own goal kick. A booming kick was sent forward to Warren Crowley who expertly flicked the ball onto Gordie Macklin. Macklin, as he has done so many times before, chased down the ball, shielded it from several Chilliwack defenders, turned and sent a shot just beyond the out-stretched hands of the opposing goalkeeper to make it 1-0 Classics. That was about as good as it got!

Chilliwack responded before half-time with a fortunate goal. An attempt was made by a Classics defender on a shot from fairly well out to head it over the bar. However, the end result was to deflect the ball just over the tip of Gary Hackel's fingertips into the top of the goal. (As no reference was made to the identification of the said defender one can only assume that it was Chris Arcari who should be creditied with the own goal. It will be noted in the official club records - ED)

The second half saw the Classics have difficulty in putting together much in the way of a sustained attack. Some credit needs to go to the opposition who worked hard and had their own time on the ball. The Chilliwack go ahead goal was another deflection off a Classics defender, this one finding beleagured Classics goalie Gary Hackel leaning to his right to play the shot only to have the ball deflect to his left and into the net. (Could this be another Arcari own goal? - ED)

The Classics had a wonderful opportunity to even the score when Charles McGill was put through and managed to send the ball towards the Chilliwack net. Their goalkeeper got enough of the ball to send it across the goalmouth - not more than one yard from the line - with Gene Crowley not quite able to reach the ball to tap it home. The ball was cleared and Chilliwack retained their 2-1 lead. Chilliwack rounded off the scoring near the end of the game when the Classics were trying to play the ball out of their own end. Chilliwack's pressure resulted in a loose ball which was sent across the Classics' goalmouth and was finished for the final score of the game.

Final Score: Classics 1 Chilliwack 3 (1-1)

Own Goals: C. Arcari (2)
The Crap Award was presented by Larry (The Axe) Thorlakson to Jimmy Butler for showing up without his soccer gear, claiming he was still injured, but spilling the beans that he had a two-week skiing trip planned in the near future. This is the second time this year the award has gone to a Classics 'player' who wasn't dressed for the game. The first occasion was when Tony Short received the award several weeks ago, and since that time there have been more Jimmy Hoffa sightings than Tony Short. Let's hope Jimmy Butler doesn't suffer the same fate.

Next week's game will be the final away fixture for the Classics as they travel to Honda Park (directions to come) for a tilt against the Gladiators. Missing for that match will be Larry Tholakson who will be away, sharing a trailer with a buddy, in Phoenix. Apparently he leaves next Sunday and will be gone for most of that week. Has anyone told Larry flights to Phoenix can be booked later in the afternoon? Following the Gladiator game in Richmond the Classics will round off their season with three matches at home (players are reminded to bring a white shirt to all home games in case we are required to use an alternate jersey).