Classics v Langley Aces
James Hill
19th. Feb. 2017

Conditions: Cold with a rainy first half

Players on duty: Jeff Dickson, Dave Moore, Pat Rohla, Alan Massender, Larry Thorlakson, Gordie Macklin, David Breen, Gene Crowley, Daryl Lawrie, Chuck McGill, Chris Arcari, Randy Hosler, Bryan Griffiths, Robbie Keam, Willie Dixon.

Classics trump Aces........
Back to action after more weather cancellations and the Classics faced Langley Aces on a field that, days earlier, was previously fully covered in snow. The home started in sluggish fashion and were a goal down within the first ten minutes. It came from a good strike which gave Dave Moore, on goalkeeping duties, no chance. The Aces doubled the lead in a trice. It came after Moore had pushed the ball for a corner after a low near post shot, but from the resulting kick Robbie Keam took it on his head and headed down to Daryl Lawrie who, not having recently achieved any assists, nonchalantly passed the ball to an opposing attacker who poked the ball home at the near post - he had his assist. Soon after, another Aces attack down the left saw the home keeper parry another low post shot away. This time he had to scurry on his hands and knees to save the ball from a corner kick. One of the Aces attackers vehemently argued for a corner kick, insisting that the ball had crossed the dead ball line. It was to be the biggest argument since the World Cup final in 1966 and could continue to be debated for just as long. The Classics tried to shrug off the lethargy and attempted to haul them selves back into the game as an attacking force. The Aces seemed to be happy with the 2-0 cushion and looked to consolidate and hold the Classics at bay. This they did until the half-time whistle.

The second half began with intensified pace from the home side as they seemed to get more into the correct gear. Crosses rained in from both wings but they were either just short of quality or the forwards did not have enough drive to get onto the end of them. The goalmouth was peppered at times and the visiting keeper did well to keep some of the efforts at bay. The Classics got a life-line on the hour mark when Bryan Griffiths was going for goal after some sublime passing between Pat Rohla and Gordie Macklin had put him clear in the box near the dead ball line. He was upended as he neared the six-yard line and the referee had no hesitation in awarding a spot kick. With everybody too tired to take the penalty kick, Randy Hosler took it upon himself and struck a delightful shot to the left which gave the keeper no chance. It was hit with power and rebounded back off the back stanchion. The Classics then pushed up, with Chris Arcari making more forward runs to help the midfield with the defence holding a back three at times. The extra pressure paid off with about ten minutes remaining as the Classics tied up the game. It came from a high bouncing ball and Lawrie rose with the keeper to head it goalwards just before the keeper could punch the ball clear. It was a well taken goal. Lawrie later said, "I was seven feet off the ground and I've never been as high"... well maybe not on the football field anyway!

The Classics were now going for the winner. It was as if the cavalry had arrived; the bugler was sounding the charge - well, everyone thought it was but it turned out that it was the local fire brigade that had arrived! With time running out the Aces had a last minute breakaway after a sink-hole appeared in the Classics back line near the centre line. An Aces attacker set off for goal on a one-on-one with the keeper. He must have thought that a big yellow school bus had manifested itself before him and he panick shot. The whole team were relieved to see the ball go wide as it would have been a total injustice to lose the game with the last kick of the match.

Only one after game comment, "Well Judd wouldn't have got either of those shots and he did keep a shut-out in the second half."
Special mentions have to go out to Chris, Pat, Bryan and Gordie who got there specially early to line the field and to Larry and his little band of helpers who religiously put up and take down the nets and the three corner flags.

Final Score: Classics 2 Langley Aces 2 (0-2)

GK: Dave Moore
Randy Hosler scored a penalty