Surrey Classics FC v Polonia
Denny Ross
2nd. October 2011

Weather: Excellent; Field Conditions: Excellent; Socks: Blue

Public Statement by Chris Arcari - ”Since you have not been appreciative of Dave's match reports the last two weeks - some of you don't think he has been able to fairly represent the games from his vacation home in Oldham - I will do my best in trying circumstances.”

Bald-headed manager found in destitute condition in Oldham gutter..........
Game Summary: Not much to say. The Classics only bright light was Alfie Deglan who, due to the recent lowering of the price of gold on the world markets, graced us with his presence and proceeded to score all three Classics' goals. However, in classic Classics' satire, it was noted by several players after the game that if Alfie had finished all his chances the Classics would still be undefeated.

Credit should go to Polonia. They played a clever game of kitty-bar-the-door and counter-attacked for all five of their goals. They are all players who are comfortable on the ball and, at times, had the Classics at sixes and sevens.

Coach's comment: "FIRE THE COACH !!!!!!!! After Chris had successfully “managed” the first two victories, it was back to normal on Sunday. However the team did not respond to the management change and the game was lost. Of course we did’nt have our number 1 goalie as he is away on International duty and we subsequently had to revert to a part time replacement – Hack. Dave, all is forgiven."

Final Score: Classics 3 Polonia 5 (actually some players were heard after the game to say the score was actually Poland 5 Germany 3)
Crap Award - Since the original Crap Award seems to have gone missing - all players are encouraged to check their bags, vans, underwear drawers, wife's lingerie drawers, tool sheds, etc. Alan will bring along the turd cup for future Crap Award presentations.
Food: provided by Danny and Chris