Surrey Classics FC v Ben United
McMillan Island
20th. January 2008

Flying pickets stop game........

Due to a mix up in the league fixtures, the Classics entertained Ben United instead of the Richmond Pioneers but unfortunately they had to play the game on the "B" field. However, the Classics took the lead in about 25 seconds after the first attack ended with Jensen feeding the ball to Chris Arcari who easily steered the ball low and to the left of the United goalkeeper to give the home side a dream start.

On the quarter hour the Classics were two up when Danny "I shot the ball" Jensen cleverly "shot the ball" to deceive everyone and make it look like a chip, and the ball looped over the "not so high" opposing keeper and into the net. United did have some attacking action but Chuck McGill was easily coping with the aerial assault as the centre forward he was marking was marginally taller than an Umpa Lumpa. He was however very tricky on the floor and his speed was occasionally worrying for the Classics defence.

In the 30th. minute the visitors got a breakthrough. Attacking down the right hand side, the winger cut inside and sold Ray Marrington a dummy. As Raymond stopped to put it in his mouth, the winger continued, drew the keeper off the line and placed a low shot into the net past a diving Dave Moore who was again deputising for the absent Hackel who had been called away for International duties in Hawaii.

The goal seemed to spur United and five minutes later they were back on level terms. With the Classics team asleep, a United attacker left the defence catching flies and raced through one-on-one against Moore who again made a valient attempt but could not stop the ball from entering the net for the equaliser. The visitors had a few more attempts on goal but all were competently cleared.

In the second half the Classics again got away to a flier with a goal in the first two minutes. It was Jimmy Butler's turn to get in on the scoring act as he drove a left foot shot low to the far bottom corner. Five minutes later another attack resulted in the ball being bounced up and down and in and out as if it was being controlled by computer keys. Butler got the final touch although Arcari claimed an assist that no-one else saw.

A few fouls were committed by both teams and Mike Snow was awarded a yellow card along with a United player. A free kick from United caused a minor flutter when the ball sailed high over the Classics defence and cannoned off the cross bar but "it's part of the equipment." Alfie Deglan hit a post and Arcari hit the cross bar before the home side increased their lead in the 60th. minute. A centre from the right wing was well met by Billy McAuley who powered a downward header goalwards. The ball bounced up and was knocked into the goal by a defender who was doing his best to get the ball away but who only succeeded in helping the ball past his own keeper.

Five minutes later a long right wing throw from Snow bounced six yards out from goal near the dead ball line and Butler was on hand again. With his back to goal he headed the ball backwards and it went over the keepers head for the sixth goal and resulted in the striker claiming his fourth hat trick of the campaign.

With fifteen minutes remaining the visitors stunned the home team by walking off the field. After a quick union meeting it was "everybody out" and the United players set up pickets at the side of the field. Tempers had become a little flared as they felt hard done to after one or two tackles resulted in players from both teams being left on the floor. In reality it had been six-of-one and half-a-dozen-of-the-other as several mis-timed tackles frustrated both teams. The referee was in full control of every incident and dealt capably and impartially with all the incidents so it was a shock for the game to end in such an unsavoury way. There were no "three cheers" and very few handshakes. On the positive side, it did give an extra fifteen minutes drinking time although McGill left before the regulation game time was up. This incident could jeopardise the final match of the season when Ben United are scheduled to visit the Classics again. We shall have to wait and see.

Apologies for this match report being 15 minutes shorter than usual

Final Score 6-2 (2-2)

Hat Trick: Jimmy Butler
MWG: Jimmy Butler
Yellow Card: Mike Snow
You were crap award: Dave Moore