Texx Big Burger v Classics
North Surrey Oval
20th. Mar. 2016

Conditions: Started warm and dry followed by rain

Players on duty: Judd Boxtart, Danny Jensen, Jim Eden, Dave Moore, Pat Rohla, Larry Thorlakson, Gordie Macklin, David Breen, Gene Crowley, Daryl Lawrie, Bryan Griffiths, Alfie Deglan, Chris Arcari, Randy Hosler, Warren Crowley.

Season fizzles out .....


The 'second' final match of the season took the Classics to the North Surrey Oval to face Texx Big Burger for the third time. The last two encounters resulted in 14 goals for the Classics so it should have been as walk in the park. Alan Massender was away injured but the rumour going round was that he was at home watching "50 Shades of Hay!" The game was like a damp squib and looked like a run-of-the-mill friendly game between the A and B teams. Gone was the fervour of a successful season and most of the players just seemed to be going through the motions. If there was to be an excuse for the lack of commitment it could be argued that the team were carrying a lot of injuries - they were the walking wounded, and it could have been Hoppalong Cassidy and ten clones that took the starting line up. The first move was ended by Gordie Macklin who kicked the ball straight into touch almost from the kick-off; methinks he was looking for another trophy to add to his haul but that particular award was never distributed at the end of the game! The first goalworthy attempt fell to the Burgers in the fourth minute; it came from a right wing corner which caused a bit of consternation in the defence, but the shot was weak, and between Gene Crowley and Judd Boxtart the ball was hacked away to safety. Minutes later a shot at the other end from Pat Rohla went narrowly wide.

The Classics took the lead in the tenth minute after Macklin passed the ball to Alfie Deglan who hit a low shot into the corner of the net; his second goal in two outings. Four minutes later it could have been 1-1 but when the winger cut in from the right, his shot went across the face of the goal to safety. Soon after, Daryl Lawrie make a tackle like a professional wrestler; he had been reading about Hulk Hogan's $115 million sex tape trial and fancied a bit of the action, but all he got was a free kick awarded against him. Lawrie was in the action again in the 23rd. minute, only this time he was scoring a goal. From just inside the half, the ball was floated into the penalty box and as Boxtart came to gather, Lawrie looped a deceptive header - an own goal - over the big man to make the score 1-1. A penalty was awarded to the Classics on the half hour for a hand ball, and up stepped Danny Jensen to convert his sixth successful penalty for the team and to put them back in the lead. The advantage didn't last long though. The Burgermen were awarded a free kick after a tackle from Randy Hosler was judged to be not in keeping with the game. In almost an action replay of Lawrie's goal, the ball was again looped over Boxtart's head but this time it was an opposing player that beat him. Another goal could have fell to the home team but their speedy winger missed a sitter when he swung his leg but never connected and the half ended at 2-2.


Bryan Griffiths was quite mobile and in the 55th. minute was unlucky to see his effort go the wrong side of the upright. Larry Thorlakson found himself in unchartered territory in the 59th. minute and he even had a header, in the Burger box, which he stooped to reach. At this stage of the game, players were dropping like flies with many continuing to limp their way painfully through the game. Hosler was given a yellow card for pushing an opponent in the back before Pat O'Krane found himself in a good position, but he continued to practise his Alfie impersonations and skied the ball. With 20 minutes left on the clock, two successive corners finished unrewarded as O'Krane headed the second one over the crossbar. Hosler picked up another yellow card and the referee sent him off permanantly. The Classics were awarded a free kick on the edge of the box but Jim Eden, instead of a famous Eden rocket, chipped the ball harmlessly over the bar. Then, with five minutes remaining, O'Krane picked up a yellow card. At this stage the referee was whipping out the cards like Criss Angel.

In reality, the season had ended on a high three weeks ago, before the League added two extra fixtures, unbeknownst to any of the League members! It was a ridiculous decision. Since then the Classics have failed to show up for games as their minds were already on holiday. Congratulations go out to the whole team for another successful season and particular thanks to those players who went above and beyond by helping to organising things: fields, balls, nets, flags, jackets, organising 'dos,' putting up nets, lining the field, picking starting line ups, organising training, bringing the tent, acting manager etc. All the stuff that doesn't do itself. Special thanks to our photographer as well, even though he is from Grimsby.

Final Score: Texx Big Burger 2 Classics 2 (2-2)

Daryl Lawrie scored an own goal
Danny Jensen scored a penalty
Yellow cards: R. Hosler (2), P. O'Krane
Red card: R. Hosler

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