Richmond Olympics v Surrey Classics FC
Honda Field
21st. October 2007

Teams can't be split Honda day........

The Classics paid their first ever visit to Honda Field in Richmond to play Richmond Olympics. It was another day of heavy rain and the field was soft although it held up well considering the conditions. The game was brought to life after 15 minutes when a through ball from Rick Geary sent away Billy Ranger who let fly from 15 yards. The shot was not the most powerful but the speed of the dispatch caught the Olympics keeper off guard and he could only parry the shot up and over himself which resulted in the ball nestling gently into the back of the net.

On the half hour, the visitors went two up when a Jimmy Butler forage from the right sent him racing (Honda) down to the dead-ball line. From what seemed an impossible angle, Butler somehow squeezed the ball home through the most acute of angles. The Classics were in the driving seat (Honda). The score remained at 0-2 at the half-time mark with the home side not troubling the visitors defence on too many occasions. Garry Hackle had a relatively quiet half and was heard to comment at the half, "Hey, I'm unreal - they aint going to score today, baby".

[Larry Thorlakson]The second half began without Geary (Honda) who had to retire through a first half injury to the ball-joint (Honda) in his knee. Jim Eden stepped into the sweepers role behind Chuck McGill. The Olympics came out for the second half as if they were possessed. They had obviously had a half time team talk and fancied their chances of salvaging the game. Most of their attacking came down the left wing where Brian Dominick was causing some problems for the Classics defence, although his shooting was thankfully not up his usual scratch. Larry Thorlakson (pictured) was having a tough time and he was handed a yellow card for "attemping to kick the ball - accidentally caught the back of a forward's calf" (his own words). In reality it looked like the axe was merely trying to live up to his name!

The Olympics did pull back a goal, although the goalscorer had to leave the field injured after sliding in with Hackel. Never a smart thing to do! A few minutes later the Olympics thought that they had tied up the game when a left sided free kick evaded the diving Hackel, hit the far post and rolled along the goal-line. The home side were celebrating but the ball was eventually cleared but only to an Olympics player who blasted the ball goalwards. This brought a great save from Hackel and the pressure was released. There was definitely a game on now though.

Eden was next to be in the action but his action was only to give his name to the referee who had adjudged that he was not playing fair with one of his tackles. It was Eden's first card since the infamous game at BC Transit back in March 2006 when there were no fewer than nine cards given to Classics players. Time was running out and with 10 minutes remaining the Classics had pushed forward onto the attack in an attempt to clinch the game. However, a break away ensued and with McGill too far forward, Eden was left exposed and was beaten to the ball by an Olympic attacker. The attacker went on to comprehensively beat Hackel with a powerful shot which rifled into the roof of the net for the equaliser. Obviously, nothing was learned from last week.

With little time left both teams went looking for the match winner but it was to end a stalemate which left both teams exhausted (Honda).

Final Score 2-2 (0-2)

Yellow cards: L. Thorlakson, J. Eden