Surrey FC Classics v Aldergrove #2
Newton Athletic #5
21st. March 2004

Miserly defence hold on again............
A workmanlike performance was the order of the day for this potentially tough game against Aldergrove. With Tony Short unable to start the game the Classics drafted in ‘stand-in’ goalkeeper “Pancho Villa” Hackel who had returned from an International tour of Mexico. Hackel was soon called to action as Aldergrove made the early running and his first touch was to receive an unusually easy backpass from Dave Moore but Hackel uncharacteristically sliced the ball directly to an Aldergrove forward who was unable to punish the slip.

Aldergrove were obviously ‘up for it’ and contolled the game for the first 20 minutes but the Classics defence were again in a miserly mood and were not prepared to give anything away. The Classics came more into it as the game progressed and Billy Ranger missed a chance to open the scoring when he shot wide. The Classics were looking dangerous as some good wing play was causing some problems for the Aldergrove defence as were the many corners the Classics were winning. However, both teams left the field on level terms with goals looking as rare as rocking horse manure. At this stage it looked like it could turn out to be a 1-0 game.

[Tom Lowe] The second half was a fairly contested affair and Tom Lowe (pictured), having by far his best game for the club, grazed the bar with a shot from the right. Ranger lobbed hopelessly wide when he was put through on a one-on-one with the Aldergrove keeper but Ranger cannot be totally blamed as he was dazzled by the shiny silver boots which Doug Smith was sporting. The turning point came in the 77th. minute when Chris Arcari hit the winning goal . Arcari was working like a Trojan and the goal came when he hit a shot from the right side of the box. The keeper got his hand to it in an attempt to knock it over the bar but the spin was so severe that it curled over him and into the net. It was just reward for Arcari’s persistance.

It was just a case of holding onto the lead from that point on. There was a minor scare two minutes from time when Moore foolishly lost the ball on the touchline when he should have been putting it into orbit but the chance came to nothing as Ray Marrington mopped up the spill. The Classics had pulled the rabbit out of the hat once again in a game where every one of the players did everything which was expected from them. Each individual deserves a pat on the back for their great efforts and tenacity.


MWG: C. Arcari
"You Were Crap" award: G. Hackel