Classics v Delta Stingers
James Hill
22nd. Oct. 2017

Conditions: Sunny and warm

Players on duty: Jason Clegg, Jeff Dickson, Jimmy Butler, Randy Hosler, Dave Moore, Alan Massender, Larry Thorlakson, Gordie Macklin, David Breen, Gene Crowley, Daryl Lawrie, Chuck McGill, Chris Arcari, Lorenzo Arcari, Jim Eden, Brian Griffiths, Warren Crowley.
Coaches on duty: Chuck McGill & Willie Dixon

Classics almost get stung........
The first ten minutes of this game was evenly balanced with the first shot of note coming from the visitors but it went wide of the upright. The first goalworthy attempt for the Classics came in the 17th minute after good work by Gordie Macklin let in Brian Griffiths but his effort was well saved. Minutes later, after a corner, it was tic-tac-toe time in the six-yard box but the crosses were only converted into noughts. Randy Hosler put Griffiths through again in the 22nd minute but the visiting keeper was taking all the Classics could throw at him. Jeff Dickson was next as he headed over the bar after a good rtight wing cross from Hosler in the 28th. The defining moment of the game came as half-time approached. Warren Crowley fed Jimmy Butler who rocketed the ball into the top shelf where granny keeps the peanut butter. The 1-0 scoreline at the half reflected the play and possession.

A good break down the right by the visitors was ended when Lorenzo Arcari bravely blocked the shot early in the second half. From the resultant corner it was L. Arcari again who sacrificed his body for the team when he took a rasping shot into the stomach. It winded him and left his prostrate for a minute or so. It was end to end now as the Stingers exerted pressure on the Classics but the defence held strong and Jason Clegg's handling and anticipation was a factor which certainly helped the cause. The Classics retaliated with a sustained bout of pressure which resulted in Macklin shooting wide. The defence deserves special credit as they were well marshalled by Chris Arcari, who was ably back up with Clegg who was having another confident game in goals. He recorded his fourth shut-out in five matches. It was also kudos to the midfield for helping to shore up the defence as needed.

In the end it was a well deserved win against a team which posed the biggest threat of the season. It was commented after the game that coach McGill will in future always be likened to Donald Trump as he had the audacity to start himself up front where many wouldn't have done. It was also commented that he had the same hairstyle as Mr. Trump. Another blast from the past arrived in the shape of ex-player Bruce Cook who's own game was cancelled so he came to watch.

Final Score: Classics 1 Delta Stingers 0 (1-0)

MWG: Jimmy Butler
Crap Award: Gordie Macklin