Surrey Classics FC v Langley First Capital
Denny Ross
22nd. November 2009

Weather: overcast and raining
Injuries strike again........ the team strikes again..........
The Classics returned to action after their unprecedented layoff through a catastrophe of injuries that would make the list of Oscar Wilde quotes look like the shopping list that you would take to the dentist. Unlike the previous meeting between these two teams, the opposition turned up with sufficient bodies to allow them to have a linesman's flag. It started badly enough though with Rick Geary having to withdraw from the starting line up after breaking down in the pre-match warm-up. With Dean Herbert reporting fit for duty, the role of standing between the sticks fell to Dave Moore once again. There was also a return to duties by long term injury sufferers Alan Massender and Gordie Macklin. Chuck McGill reverted to his old role as centre-back as many of the defenders were still carrying minor injuries.

capitals    capitals

The Classics took an early lead after McGill fed the ball out to Pat Rohla on the right wing. He centred the ball and Gene Crowley gratefully slid in to force the ball home. On the quarter hour mark it was almost deja vu but this time it was a Massender pass that released Gene Crowley. Crowley shot the ball hard and it cannoned back off the crossbar and bounced down onto the goal-line where he had now slid into and he headed the ball over the line after a little dosey doe with the keeper. The injury jinx struck yet again as Doug Rosenlund was forced to retire from the game with a suspected broken foot. Later diagnosis confirmed that the foot was indeed fractured which will mean that the big winger will be out of action until the new year - another major blow for the team.

The visitors made a rare attack down the right wing which resulted in a cross into the box. Larry Thorlakson gently pushed one of the Langley attackers in the back and the referee awarded an indirect free kick eight yards out. The incident must have been considered as obstruction or else a penalty kick would have been awarded. The Classics pulled everybody back to form a wall which, when set up, made the six yard area look more crowded than a pub with free beer. Langley played a short kick back to one of their players who rifled a shot on goal. The ball evaded the wall and was heading to the goalmouth area which was being monitored by Moore. However, Alfie Deglan was guarding the left post and he jumped to try to clear the ball. The ball hit him in a position which made him instantaniously change from a baritone to a soprano. The old adage 'hand to ball' took on a completely different context with 'ball to ball' and one which conjoured up visions of a new 'Free Willy 4' film. The ball (the football) deflected cruelly past Moore and into the other corner of the net leaving him standing there like piffy on a rock bun. The after match talk concluded that it still counts as a shut out!

capitals    capitals

With 35 minutes gone the Classics returned the cushion to two goals and it was Massender who became the provider again, this time from a left wing attack. His centre will met by a stooping Bill McAuley who gave the keeper no chance. The half-time score was 3-1, although it should have been 4-1 after McGill missed a header from close in. The ball skimmed off his head and over the bar.

Ten minutes into the second half the Classics earned a left wing corner which Danny Jensen sent over with inch perfect precision. Warren Crowley rose like a thermometer and scored his first goal of the season, but more importantly, he ensured that the first family hat-trick would enter the record books. Midway through the second half a Macklin curler fell at the feet of Rohla who planked it and it finished up nestled nicely in the corner of the net. A sixth goal came minutes later after some neat footwork from Warren Crowley culminated in a delightful centre which was well met by Macklin who executed a text book header which powered past the dazed visiting keeper. It was the fourth headed goal of the match.

With the tally now at 6-1 the referee, after negotiation, decided to cut the game short by ten minutes. Late chances fell to Jensen whose rocket shot skimmed the crossbar and McGill who's premature jump caused him to miss another header. When he explained that "it was spinning" the team were unsure as to whether he meant the ball or his head.

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Final Score 6-1 (3-1)

MWG - G. Crowley
GK - D. Moore
You were Crap award: A. Deglan