Surrey Classics v Royals
Noel Booth Park
23rd. Sept 2012

Weather: Warm and dry

Players on duty: Jimmy Butler, Danny Jensen, Jim Eden, Dave Moore, Alan Massender, Larry Thorlakson, Dean Herbert, Gene Crowley, Robbie Keam, Chuck McGill, Chris Arcari, Randy Hoster, Doug Rosenlund, Rick Geary, Warren Crowley

Mystery surrounds the Royal flush......................................
The game got off to a blistering start with the Classics having the ball in the net as early as the third minute. Danny Jensen sent a right wing ball through to Jimmy Butler who cut into the box and unleashed a shot which went in off the underside of the bar. The phrenetic pace continued and it was 2-0 within the first five minutes after Warren Crowley dispatched a low shot to the left of the shell-shocked visiting keeper. Play lulled until the 21st. minute when Alan Massender blasted one of his now 'trade-marked' shots over the bar! Robbie Keam entered the field as a substiute and Jensen decided to get him involved in the game early. He lobbed a ball into the goalmouth and Keam's first touch was to chest the ball down into the path of Doug Rosenlund who calmly slotted the ball to the left of the keeper to make it 3-0 to the home side.

royals    royals

In the 24th. minute W. Crowley was put through on a run at goal from just inside the half and he did everything right but the final execution as he tried to round the keeper. Unfortunately for him the keeper dived at his feet and averted the fourth goal. Randy Hostler committed a foul on the left and just inside the Classics half in the 25th. minute. The free kick was a floater which was well headed by an attacker who glanced the ball past Dean Herbert in a move which was very reminiscent of last weeks own goal. Chuck McGill had a slight altercation with the visiting number 14 who threated to smack him in the head but then decided against it as he obviously didn't want to damage his hand. Both players were sin-binned for the fracas. The 29th. minute witnesses another daisy-cutting through ball which sent Keam away on another one on one with the keeper who had no trouble in picking his spot to the left of the keeper to make the scoreline a deserved 4-1. In the 33rd. minute Jensen threaded the ball through to Rosenlund who squared it to The Invisible Man who found a sufficient aperature to make it 5-1 at the half way mark. After extensive research not one player on the team will own up to the ghost goal so it has to become one of the mysteries of The Toilet Zone (cue the music). There is no doubt that the goal was a goal as the match referee has confirmed the official recording of the goal.

royals    royals

The second half was mainly incident free with the exception of Jensen who was the second Classics player to be sin-binned. It was a shame as Jensen was having a great game marshalling the defence who all had sterling performances when required. The whole team worked well as a unit with everyone running and passing intelligently to cause the visitors all sorts of problems with their incessant forays into the enemy half. With 65 minutes gone Butler laid the ball through to W. Crowley who rounded the keeper and slipped the ball over the line to make it 6-1. Five minutes later Jim Eden, who had been unlucky on several occasions with goalbound shots, passed the ball to Chris Arcari who composed himself and curled a delightful shot to the right of the keeper to make the score 7-1. With ten minutes left the referee, Pete Thomas, blew the whistle to avoid any further embarrassment. It was all credit to the visitors who kept trying to play the game right under difficult circumstances.

A parting comment after the game came from Dave Moore who advised Chuck McGill, "I'll pick you up next week," which brought a classic response from Chas Jones who quipped, "Don't do that - you'll give yourself a hernia!" The after game celebration was held at Gene Crowley's abode where generous portions of pulled pork were enjoyed by all.

Final Score: Classics 7 Royals 1 (5-1)

GK: Dean Herbert
MWG: Warren Crowley
Yellow cards: Chuck McGill & Danny Jensen (both sin-binned)
Crap Award: Alan Massender