Surrey Classics FC v Polonia
Denny Ross
24th. January 2010

Weather: Windy and Cold
Visitors take pole position ..........
The Classics entered this encounter with Polonia hoping to avenge their only defeat of the season that occurred when these two teams last met at Tom Binney back in November. The coach dropped a bombshell by benching both of the players who had been voted as 'men of the match' last week and they both started as sub! The Classics set off at a blistering pace and ran the visitors ragged with some clever interplay and they should have taken the lead as early as the seventh minute. Alan Massender headed in to the goalmouth and the keeper punched the ball away but it fell at the feet of Gordie Macklin who hammered a shot goalwards but it rebounded off the crossbar. From the rusultant melee Chuck McGill tried a delicate chip shot but it landed straight in the goaslkeeper's arms. Two minutes later Larry Thorlakson had to retire from the game injured and he was replaced by Fisher Crockett. A great move in the 12th. minute ended when Macklin squared the ball to Massender but he shot tamely and the effort was wasted. The build up was a joy to watch however. On the quarter hour mark a long range effort was well struck by Alfie Deglan and the visiting keeper had to be alert enough to dive up and tip the ball away for another corner.

polonia    polonia

A comic moment occurred when the ball went out of play for a throw in. After some argument the throw was eventually awarded to the Classics. Warren Crowley took it upon himself to attempt a 'Rory DeLap' but his throw was feeble, it was a foul throw, and the opposition were awarded a throw in for the offence - to sum it up, it became a 'Rory DeCrap.' McGill was put through in the 22nd. minute on a breakthrough. Showing a clean pair of heels and building up a head of steam, he bore down on goal. A defender was directly involved in the chase and did eventually make up enough ground to hurry McGill into taking an early shot instead of closing in more. The shot was poor and straight at the keeper but McGill was impressive with his speed and at least he did win a corner out of it.

The possession had been all Classics up to the 32nd. minute when Polonia mounted their first attack. It ended with a run through the centre of defence and the attacker struck a fine shot which went high to the right of Dean Herbert who was again standing in goal for the absent Garry Hackel (what, the Classics playing Polonia without a recognised goalkeeper - never!) It was the first attack that the visitors had laid siege and it was a travesty that they scored at their first attempt. Reminders of Dick Turpin sprung to mind as the Classics felt robbed after all their endeavours has accumulated to nothing ending up in the old onion bag! The visitors saw out the remainder of the half intent on saving their one goal advantage and they packed their defence to accommodate.

polonia The second half began much as the first with the home side providing most of the entertainment. There was another chance to equalise in the 53rd. minute when a great chance fell to Warren Crowley but he snatched at the ball and sliced it wide. Comic moment number two occurred when Crockett fell over the ball allowing the winger to gain possession of the ball. However, somehow defeating the laws of gravity, Crockett bounced up again like a yoyo, retrieved the ball and set off down the wing. It was another Classic moment to cherish.

In an attempt to bolster the attack, Jim Eden slotted in as sweeper which allowed Danny Jensen to move forwards for the last quarter of the game. The 'newly streamlined' Jensen was sporting a new haircut, almost of Yul Brynner proportions. In a Polonia attack through the middle, Jim Eden was forced to handle the ball and gave away a free kick in a dangerous position just outside the penalty area but the resultant direct free kick came to nothing. Another attack involved Eden in another skirmish with an attacker, but the visiting forward came out on top this time when the ball was lashed past a despairing Herbert who could do nothing to stop the shot.

With 10 minutes to go Rick Geary was harshly adjudged to have fouled a player in the box and a penalty was awarded. Justice was served as Herbert dived to his left to pull off a wonder save when he pushed the ball away to safety. He's the Herb and he's unreal! With the reprieve the Classics pulled out all the stops to try to get back into the game. Geary moved into a holding role behind the midfield while the defence played with a back two of Eden amd Dave Moore. Another attack from Polonia was resolved when 'Clipper Eden' did enough from behind to put off the attacker who was through on goal and the ball sailed over the bar to safety. Try as they may, it was one of them days that the Classics were not going to score. Every goal attempt, and there were lots, went straight to the opposing keeper or was well saved by him. The home side probably had 80% of the possession but they allowed the visitors to have 100% of the goals which tells it's own story.

The result means that Polonia became the only team to do the double over the Classics in a season since Britannia did it back in the summer season of 2002. The first match was a home game at Newton Athletic Park and the Brits won 1-0 in a match where Chuck McGill conceded a penalty which Britannia missed. The second meeting was also at Newton, this time an away fixture, in which Dave Moore was guilty of conceding a penalty which was converted in a 2-0 loss. The Classics players who took part in the two fixtures were Collin Ashton, Fisher Crockett, Jim Eden, Hans Erker, Rick Geary, Garry Hackel, Bill McAuley, Chuck McGill, Dave Moore, Mike Snow, Doug Smith, Manfred Soucker, George Wadsworth, Martin Chipperfield, Bruce Cook, Chas Jones, Ray Marrington, Steve Wade and a picked up player called Duncan!

After the game the food was excellent although it was noted that Chris Arcari had left his partner Jensen to do all the work. Some wag commented that it was just like on the field when he always leaves Deglan to do all the midfield work! Crockett again brought smiles to the team when he did a great impersonation of the Hack eating Spitz but instead of spitting out shells he was spitting out the rocks from his salad, or were they the rocks from his head?

Final Score 0-2 (0-1)

Penalty Conceded: R. Geary
You were Crap award: P. Rohla