Brittania v Surrey Classics FC
Denny Ross
24th. October 2010

Weather: Warm and mild
Britannia ruled ..........
This away game was marred by indecisions. The Classics had travelled to Unwin Park in the hope of playing the fixture. The weather had forecasted heavy rain but the field was in reasonable condition but for the fact that some idiot had decided to test out his four-by-four by racing around the field the night before and the resultant churning up had rendered the field unplayable. The Classics offered their home field as an alternative but Britannia were reluctant to take them up on the offer, still humming and aahing as to whether they could still stage the game. The referee refused to travel to Murrayville as time would not have allowed his to officiate at his next venue at 12:00pm. With the time approaching 10:15am it was finally decided to switch the fixture to Denny Ross with the agreement that the game would entail two 40 minute halves.

The teams eventually got the game underway an hour late with the Classics taking the kick-off under the watchful eye of stand in referee Jim Eden. The away side (who were actually at home) took the lead though Alfie Deglan after ten minutes when he fired home a rocket of a shot to the keeper's left after some good build up play from Alan Massender. He's really getting those low shots fine tuned now! Robbie Keam, returning from absence, took a scoring role too as he fired in the second goal after a quarter of an hour (that's not like half seven though). On the half-hour came a peach of a goal. A lovely ball from Keam was cleverly played through a defender's legs and it laid on a perfect opportunity for Deglan to increase his scoring ratio which he did with no mercy to the opposition. It was another fine goal from the midfielder who is really starting to find his scoring boots.

The second half saw the Classics dominate most of the possession with the occasional burst of defiance from Britannia's man of the match Willy Dixon. The score was increased when a short right wing corner was laid to Gordie Macklin who was hanging round the penalty box like a John waiting for a street walker. Macklin easily beat his defender and centred a pin point cross for Bill McAuley who placed a textbook header down and over the line to make it 4-0. On a rare Britannia attack down the right, the referee awarded a free kick to the opposition just inside the Classics half. The ball was punted forwards towards the goal and several defenders left it to roll harmlessly to Dean Herbert who was deputising for the absent Garry Hackel. Herbert watched the ball as it came nearer and nearer and he continued to watch the ball as it rolled under his outstretched arms and into the net for a goal. It was a soft goal to concede. Soon after Dave Moore switched into the roll of goalkeeper and it was ironic that he too had had a computer problem like Herbert - he couldn't save anything!

Herbert spent the last ten minutes of the game harrying around the field in his sweat pants - some wag had suggested that they weren't Dean's pants and they were actually Marys but this was never confirmed. He did look the trend setter though and it is likely that the remainder of his team colleagues will no doubt bring along sweat pants next game so that they can look cool too. The referee ended the game ended a little earlier than anticipated with the score at 4-1 but Moore kept a shut out.

Final Score 4-1 (3-0)

Referee: J. Eden
GK: D. Herbert, D. Moore
MWG: R. Keam
You Were Crap Award: B. McAuley