Stingers V Surrey Classics FC
Delview Park
25th. November 2007

11 just men get stung........

The Classics visited Delview Park for an encounter with the Stingers. Somehow, instructions to find Hellings Park were given out and the Classics only had 10 men available at kick-off time. Several players were driving round the area for some time and two got arrested for kerb vrawling. Stingers loaned the Classics a player for the first ten minutes and when Bill McAuley arrived he took his place in the team to make the full compliment eleven. Jim Eden was forced to play injured as he's currently two shingles short of a roof.

The game got away as a perfect start for the visitors as Jimmy Butler took the ball wide on the right wing. The defender stopped to complain that the ball had left the field of play for a throw in but Butler 'played to the whistle' and centred the ball. Chris Arcari hit the ball on the volley and scooped it wide of the Stingers goalkeeper to open the scoring, albeit in controversial fashion. In the post match interview, Butler was adamant that the whole of the ball was not over to line and therefore the goal was legitimate.

The Stingers were level in the tenth minute when a poor back-pass from Fisher Crockett gave the the left winger an early Christmas present, and he went on to chip Dave Moore, who got a fingertip to it. Moore was again deputising for the missing Garry Hackel. It was end to end stuff with the Classics having the better of the chances but again being unable to apply the finishing touches.

The Stingers took the lead on the half hour mark after another defensive slip up allowed an attacker to steal in on the left, and rifle a powerful low shot to the right of Moore who again got a fingertip to it. Perhaps the club should invest in a set of nail extensions to avoid further similar 'almost saves'. Chuck McGill was booked for a tackle from behind after he had been left in a static state by one of the Stingers attackers. The attacker then called Mr. McGill a rude name which will not be repeated in this write up as it is only rated PG.

The second half was almost incessant attacks on the home goal with everything possible being hit goalwards. A break for the Stingers midway through the half brought them another reward. A right wing attack resulted in a cross which floated over the keeper to an unmarked attacker on the back post who gratefully headed in the third goal.

It was really still one way traffic although Arcari, who was having a great game, needed to head one off the line at one stage. An abacus was brought in to keep track of the number of Classics chances that bounced off defenders, were saved by the keeper or just missed finding the target. Practically every player was reigning in shots from every conceivable angle but not one of them found the net. Even Les Horvath got in three attempts and he wasn't even playing!

In conclusion, a hearty round of credit must go to the whole team who battled away constantly throughout the whole 90 minutes. Old legs were getting tired, even younger old legs were tired. Just one more player would have made so much difference and could have changed the whole outcome of the game. It was not to be thought. Perhaps the best sum up came from an opposing player who commented after the game, “After that, perhaps I'll buy a lottery ticket tonight”.

Final Score 3-1 (2-1)

Yellow cards: C. McGill (foul)
You were crap award: F. Crockett