Fort United v Surrey Classics FC
DW Poppy West
25th. September 2011

Weather: Extremely windy but with a surprisingly playable field

Arcari's Sublime Coaching Decisions Instrumental in Classics Remaining Undefeated ..........
Game Summary by Chris Arcari:

1-0 The Classics get off to a very quick start. After only a minute, Gordie Macklin lofts a picture perfect pass into the box and finds the carrot-topped head of Gene Crowley who deftly re-directs the ball into the far side of the net. While the header lacked in power, it was delicately placed beyond the reach of the helpless goalkeeper.

1-1 Similar to last week, the Classics give up a goal resulting from a cross to the far post. Credit should go to the opposing player who commited himself to the attack and left Hackel without a chance to make the save.

2-1 Gordie Mackin found himself wide on the left with time to turn and take on his opponent. After several dipsy-doddles, the opposing defender was left grasping at grass. Macklin spotted Rob Keam making a blazing run into the box and, in his usual selfless manner, sent a well-weighted ball on the ground and onto the path of his teammate. Rob Keam firmly ensured the ball would find its way to the back of the net.

3-1 After already serving up several assists this season, it was time for Gordie Macklin to regain his scoring touch. With the Fort United defenders inexplicably drawn to the right side of their defence, Gordie makes a direct run towards the opposing goal. Chris Arcari, with eagle-like vision spots his streaking teammate a puts Macklin into the clear. Macklin is tracked down by a defender, so he puts on the breaks, moves the ball to his left foot and lofts the ball into the top corner. Half Time.

4-1 Warren Crowley spots the Fort United defence playing flat at the half way line. He puts the ball through to Chuck McGill who is now left with a predicament - a fifty yard run. He is just across centre and no defender between him and the goalie. As he turns he notices another defender has come out of nowhere. Chuck puts the ball through his legs and prepares to chase down the ball for a one-on-one with the goalie. Unbeknownst to him, the last defender was in fact the goalie who fancied himself as a Bruce Grobbelar. A collision occurs, the goalie goes down and Chuck kindly leans over to check on his injury. Fortunately for Chuck the hurricane like conditions actually made the ball pick up speed and ushered it into the corner of the net.

Chris Arcari courageously played most of the first half with a badly pulled quad, but was unable to continue so he took over the coaching reigns just before half time. With several players not available for selection and several more players either nursing or picking up injuries, it was a rag tag group that played most of the second half. Some players were asked to play out of position, others were asked to play more than usual, and many were continually being moved around to account for the aforementioned injuries. Fans were heard to remark what a wonderful job the coach did in juggling a constantly evolving lineup. As one fan put it "It was like he was asked to complete a jigsaw puzzle, but the pieces kept changing on him. I think it is remarkable how he kept track of it all."

In responding to the media's questions in the post-game press conference, the rookie coach was quick to applaud the players. "It was wonderful to lead the lads towards this win. Fort United always comes out and plays us hard, especially on their home pitch. I just tried to put players in positions where they, and subsequently the team, could be successful. I appreciate the plaudits from the fans and media, but this is really their victory."

Final Score: 1-4 (1-3)

MWG - Keam
Crap Award - Chuck McGill (he still hasn't returned it)