Woody's Pub v Classics
Cedar Park
26th. Oct 2014

Weather: Warmish after a heavy rainy period

Players on duty: Judd Boxtart, Jimmy Butler, Danny Jensen, Pat Rohla, Larry Thorlakson, Gordie Macklin, David Breen, Gene Crowley, Daryl Lawrie, Alfie Deglan, Chris Arcari, Gino Nonni, Lorenzo Arcari, Will Dixon.

Pride restored......
The Classics returned to duty to face a young looking Woody's Pub team who were well orchestrated by a player known as 'The General.' However, little did they know that the Classics had a Major General on their sideline, and a modern one at that! The first real attack at either end came in the 17th. minute after a good centre from Daryl Lawrie found Jimmy Butler who caught the ball well enough, but it was easily gathered by the Woody keeper who didn't need to move. It was a welcome return to the team for Gino Nonni who had returned from international duty in Torrentino which is just off the shore of Lake Torontino. A right wing corner fom Pat Rohla was then headed down by Nonni into the path of Alfie Deglan who let fly but his shot just shaved the wrong side of the crossbar.

A nice through ball found Butler with the ball at his feet on the dead ball line in the 27th. minute. He hammered the ball towards the centre and it took a wicked deflection off the full back on the near post and whistled past his own keeper to give the Classics the lead. A minute later an offensive from Woody's down the left wing resulted in a cross to the back of the box where an attacker rose higher than any Classics' defender to head powerfully home past Judd Boxtart who could no nothing to avert the equalising goal. In the 38th. minute Larry Thorlakson was penalised for a sliding tackle. The decision by the referee was a 10 minute cooling off period in the sin bin which was totally unjustified as it was Thorlaskon's momentum while sliding on his knees which had no maliciousness whatsoever. However, The Axe was axed for a short stint. The resultant free kick brought a competent response from Boxtart to keep the scores level.

With two minutes of the half remaining there was a ridiculous call from the referee when he blew Deglan for offside when he was as least 10 yards onside. The referee noticed his mistake and gave a drop ball which was returned to David Breen in the back line. The ball moved up through midfield like an express train hitting a head of steam which was accepted by Gordie Macklin who continued the propulsion with some effective thrust. He ran from just over the half way line, leaving a trail of defenders in his wake, to power home a decisive strike to the left of the keeper. The go-ahead goal brought a flurry of activity from the 11 (eleven) Woody substitutes who were lined up like a load of ducks on an arcade shooting gallery. In fact, the Woody's players, staff and substitutes combined would have beed fighting for the scraps if anyone would have brought five loaves and two fishes to distribute on this fine Sunday morning.

Seven minutes into the second half saw Willie Dixon in a good position to shoot but he unselfishly gave the ball to Macklin who blasted the ball that far over the bar that it came down with ice on it. It should have been the clincher goal. In the 61st minute a right wing corner from Woody's, which was taken well out of the quadrant, was headed home at the far post to give the home side another equaliser. With 15 minutes remaining the Classics were in ascendency even though they had only used three substitutes. Another home attack was headed clear by Danny Jensen for a corner. Butler almost sealed the win with 10 minutes left but his shot hit the outside of the post; it wasn't to be though and the spoils were shared. The Classics' players all played a well fought outing which, although it wasn't pretty, it was gritty. It's unfair to single players out in one of these highly competitive matches but the defence should be very proud of their accomplishments in keeping the youthful Woody's attackers at bay. The main after match comment surrounded the Thorlakson binning which was jointly decided by the team to only be a 2 on the Thorlakson scale of tackles!

Final Score: Woody's Pub 2 Classics 2 (1-2)

Sin Bin: L. Thorlakson
Crap Award: D. Moore