Surrey Classics v Essondale
Noel Booth Park
27th. Jan 2013

Weather: Fine and dry after a rainy week

Players on duty: Jimmy Butler, Danny Jensen, Jim Eden, Dave Moore, Alan Massender, Larry Thorlakson, Gene Crowley, Chuck McGill, Chris Arcari, Lorenzo Arcari, Randy Hosler, Doug Rosenlund, Rick Geary, Warren Crowley

Short handed (or should that be short legged?) Essondale play the game ......................................
Dave Moore unusually arrived late to this game due to watching Oldham Athletic beat Liverpool 3-2 on live TV. As his mind was in the clouds he found it very difficult to concentrate on a match report because if he did he would probably have had Matt Smith down as one of the scorers. However this is a summary of the game against Essondale.

Essondale began the match with only seven players but there was no scoreline after 15 minutes when Moore had arrived. He immediately took a role in the visitors line up along with Doug Rosenlund. Another of the visitor's players arrived late which bolstered their side to a more respectable ten players. Warren Crowley was in goal for the home side and the score at half time was 5-1.

The match was really a one sided sided affair and the Classics continued to pile on the goals in the second half. The match at Boundary Park had been played in torrential rain and the trend continued with the home side raining goals. Dave Moore replaced W. Crowley in goal for the second half and Chas Jones also made an appearance for the visitors.

Funny moment of the day occurred when Rick Geary went down on one knee to take the insulting tape from him knee and wrap it around his boot. This operation took about 10 minutes and play continued. At one stage the ball was kicked against him and it rebounded directly to the feet of one of his team-mates. He claimed that he 'passed it' to him! The final score was 9-2 and the referee blew the whistle early after the ninth goal entered the net to save the short sided visitors any further embarrassment. In reality the score would have been more severe had Rosenlund not taken control of the visitors defence.

Final Score: Classics 9 Essondale 2 (5-1)

GK: W. Crowley, D. Moore (half each)
Crap award: Steven Gerrard and the rest of his team