Surrey Classics FC v BC Transit
McMillan Island
28th. October 2007

Another stalemate as Classics halt the Transit system........

[Garry Hackel]It was another rainy day at McMillan Island as the Classics entertained old friends and foes BC Transit. Transit had bolstered their squad with an influx of soccer sluts from various teams, some of whom had played against the Classics in last weeks game at Honda Park. The first half was full of minor incidents but nothing major. Keeper Garry Hackel (pictured) was complaining about the new match ball being slippy and in one clearance attempt he completely mishit the ball but he got away with it without any serious consequences. He forgot to mention that the ball was also slippy with his boots as well as his gloves.

Transit had a good chance to take the lead midway through the half but Hackel made a good stop on the line. The Transit attacker blatently pushed the ball over the line with his hand, an incident which sparked off a few disruntled Classics players due to the fact that the referee did not even speak to the player. He commented, "it's not one of those games" whatever that meant.

The second half was an even battle with few chances at either end. The home side had the better of the opportunities but their finishing was woefully inadequate and neither goal had seriously been threatened throughout the whole of the game. Danny Jensen had a great game and sent some decisive long through balls to either wing. Pat Rohla, carrying an injury, made some good right wing runs and sent over some enticing centres although again none were finished. It looked like it was only going to be a mistake which was to break the deadlock and, as the half wore on, a stalemate was looming more and more on the cards.

Ten minutes from time the game came to life. The Transit left winger sailed past Fisher Crockett as if he wasn't there and headed for the dead ball line. He sent over a cross to the far post which Hackel fished for but the ball was met by ex-Classics player Steve Gollogoly who looped a header through Hackel's hands and into the net which looked like giving Transit the victory against his old team. In an attempt to salvage a draw, the Classics pushed Chuck McGill up leaving just a back three. From a left wing corner the ball was headed out to Jimmy Butler on the edge of the box. Butler let fly a Gerrard-esque type shot which took a deflection off a defender and rocketed into the back of the net for the equaliser. It was Butler's fourth goal of the season and one which consolidated his position as this season's leading goal-scorer.

Final Score 1-1 (0-0)

Sin bin: B. Cook
You Were Crap Award: P. Rohla