Surrey FC Classics v Richmond Cosmos
Newton Athletic #5
3rd. October 2004

Cosmos crumble...........
After the rust was brushed aside last week it was a slightly fitter Classics team which open their home season by entertaining Richmond Cosmos at Newton Athletic Park. The game was barely two minutes old when the Classics took the lead through Chris Arcari. It followed a penalty which was awarded against a Cosmos defender who had handled in the box. Arcari strode forward and confidently stroked the spot kick low to the left of the goalmouth to give the home side the early confidence boost.

Five minutes later it was 2-0 when a Jim Eden corner eventually found its way to Rick Geary who had the simplest of tasks in knocking the ball over the line. Cosmos entered the Classics half and a left wing run was unceremoniously brought to an end by Ray Marrington who thought that the attackerís engine had conked out. Marrington assisted his counterpart by pushing him from behind but the referee construed the act of kindness as an infringement and had no hesitation in awarding the visitors a penalty. At 2-0 the team needed a big save from Garry Hackel who duly obliged by diving to his right to add another spot kick save to his impressive tally which previously stood at 14.

Just before the half hour mark an excellent right wing run by Doug Smith fed Eden on the edge of the keeperís box. Eden controlled the ball well and turned slightly to put it on his trusty left foot. He let rip with a fine shot which sailed high into the far top corner of the net to set the Classics up for a 3-0 half time lead. It could have been many more on the chances created and Bill McAuley could have had a hat-trick but for some woeful finishing.

The second half was much the same as the first with the home side doing most of the pressing. A brilliant run from the half way line by McAuley left him one on one with the keeper in the centre of the goal. McAuley unselfishly played the ball square right to a waiting Larry Thorlakson who basically walked the ball into the net for the fourth goal. Minutes later McAuley found himself in an identical situation and it should have been 5-0 but he chose to beat the keeper himself. He failed in his task.

Geary put the icing on the cake with a well taken goal five minutes from time. Hans Erker played the ball through from midfield to Geary who set off full steam ahead for the box. Geary brushed aside a defender as if he was dusting off dandruff (when he had hair) and exploded a shot perfectly to the left of the bemused Cosmos keeper. That was game, set and match.

Final Score 5-0 (3-0)

MWG: Arcari
Penalty scored by Arcari
Penalty conceded by Marrington
Penalty saved by Hackel
Yellow cards: M. Snow (hand-ball), J. Eden (foul), C. McGill (fighting)
"You Were Crap" award: C. Jones