Fort United v Surrey Classics FC
DW Poppy
3rd. October 2010

Weather: Warm and fine
Fort United part two ..........
Carrying on from last week, the Classics travelled to DW Poppy for the back-to-back encounter with Fort United and they didn't get off to a great start. As early as the fifth minute, Moore was clearing the ball safely up the line when he heard a shout from Danny Jensen to play the ball inside which he did with consumate ease. Unfortunately, the ball was allowed to roll between both Jensen and Rick Geary who was patrolling the centre of the field like a Roman Centurion. Moore, fully expectiing one of his YOUNG centre halves or the stand in goalkeeper from the youth team to safely clear the ball away, could only watch in horror as an opposing player nipped between the pair of defenders and firmly planted a shot beyond the reach of Dean Herbert to level the score.The Classics brushed off this minor setback and just three minutes later they were level after Chuck McGill knocked the ball through to Alfie Deglan who side footed the ball home for the equaliser.

The game remained fairly even until the 25th. minute until Gordie Macklin squared the ball towards the centre spot at just above knee height. McGill was lurking like a Zombie before eternal sleep and he dived/fell (or insert own verb here __________________) to head the ball goalwards. The whole episode occurred in what was like a slow motion replay but it was still a relief to see the ball nestled in the back of the net as the Classics had the lead again. The next conversion had a bit of class about it. Warren Crowley went off on a jinking run and he must have covered nearly every blade of grass on the bumpy left hand quarter of the field. The conclusion of the run was that he sent over the perfect centre for Alan Massender who had the realtively simple task of tapping the ball into the net to the right of the bemused goalkeeper. It was a brilliant piece of play with a well executed finish.

There was a beautiful piece of skill displayed by Rohla who took a quick free kick from the 12 yard line. With the United defence setting up their defensive wall, Rohla cheekily chipped the ball over the wall for Deglan to run onto. Deglan was unlucky not to bury the ball in the net and it was a relieved home keeper as he watched the ball fly past his near post. Five minutes before the half time whistle Larry Thorlakson was involved with an interchange with Pat Rohla and W. Crowley which resulted in Crowley again laying on the assist for Massender's finish which put the Classics in a comfortable 4-1 half time lead.

The second half didn't quite go to plan early on as five minutes into the restart the ball was in the back of the Classics net. It is always unfair and difficult to criticise any player who steps into the goalkeeping job at short notice but we'll do our best! United were awarded a free kick just into the Classics half on the right side of the field, an innocuous position which didn't pose any real threat. Anyway .......... as the free kick floated into the Classics goalmouth there was the plaintent cry of a young Mexican girl, "Laaaa la laaaaa" (now we are getting carried away.) It was actually a cry of "keepers ball" to which the whole of the defence stopped and left the resultant cross to be picked out of the air like a cherry from a tree. However, the ball bounced in front of Herbert and, in another slow motion replay moment, bounced over his head and into the net and he was left clutching at straws. It was a cruel blow and one which brought unjustifed comments about catching balloons and other disaparaging remarks after the game. To conclude, "What's the difference between Cinderella and Dean Herbert?" ........ Cinderella got to the ball.

Twenty minutes from the end the Classics put the game to bed with another goal from Massender. This time it was a powerful shot to the left of the keeper which brought Massender and the club the first hat-trick of the season. It was a peach of a goal. This high point was closely followed by Chris Arcari's weekly miss. This time it was exactly the same as last week - the perfect slice to the left of the goal-post. At least he's consistent! Maybe it's time those boots were cleaned as that piece of butter on the right book in becoming a bit of a nuisance. Jim Eden was given a ten minute visit to the sin bin after another 'Gentleman Jim' moment but the game was played in fine spirit by both teams and full credit must be conveyed to the Fort team who kept going until the end against all odds.

There was also an unusual occurance after the match. Chas Jones, having quaffed his regular London's Pride, left to head back home to Richmond. Several minutes later he came back in a sheepish mood, looking like a school child waiting to be scolded. He was asked, "What's up Chas? Have you come back for one more for the ditch?" Upon hearing this he confessed in a timid sounding voice and with his head bowed, "Very funny! I've very embarrassed to have to say this but I've just backed my Jag into the ditch." Of course, none of his team-mates laughed and they were all quite sympathetic to his cause. It took the heavy gang about four minutes to prise the Jag seven feet out of the ditch and return it to terra firma. It may not sound like much big of a deal, but the CCTV replay showed that he stopped at the ditch, looked left and right, and then drove into it!

Final Score 2-5 (1-4)

MWG: C. McGill
You Were Crap Award: D. Herbert