Surrey FC Classics v Peach Arch
Newton Athletic #5
5th. October 2003

Budgie flies the nest........
This match will be remembered more for the poignant end rather than the game itself. It was the day that Al Burton a.k.a. "Budgie" broke the news that he could not play anymore due to a lifetimes build up of football related injuries. In true Budgie style and as his swan-song he provided the food and then disappeared, but not without leaving his team-mates with a written note and enough money for a round of beer. It was a sad end to the day.

The game itself was evenly balanced in the first half but Peace Arch took the lead in the 25th. minute after another Hackel moment. Hack threw the ball out to Alfie Deglan in a dangerous position on the edge of the penalty area. Deglan, like the true explorer he is, lost the ball after he was felled in the long grass by a wayward crocodile which would not allow him to clear the ball. An alert Peach Arch attacker with a machete, hacked his way through and hacked the ball over Hack for the opener. What does Deja Vu mean anyway?

The Classics started the second half in determined mood and were on level terms after 10 minutes after Ray Marrington powered home a fine shot from close in. The remainder of the half was mainly one way traffic with the Classics creating several chances to win the game. Several good chances fell to Marrington, Billy Ranger and Jim Eden with Eden missing the easiest chance to win the game. Eden tried to blast the shot from close range but made a complete hash of it and the game ended all square. Peace Arch were allowed only two shots on goal the whole game and Hackel tipped their second attempt over well. The Classics were unlucky not to have won the game but chances must be taken when they come, and there were lots of them. Good luck to Budgie. To say you will be missed is an understatement. You are one on those players that cannot be replaced - anyway, who's going to make the hotdogs?