Surrey Classics FC v Aldergrove
Noel Booth Park (H)
5th. February 2012

Slightly slippery field due to a hint of frost with the weather sunny, but cool

Players: Hackel, Randy Hosler, Danny Jensen, Rick Geary, Larry (the axe) Thorlakson, Dean Herbert, Alfie Deglan, Chris Arcari, Alan Alan Alan Massender, Gordie Macklin, Warren Crowley, Charles McGill, Fisher (Davey) Crockett, Jim Eden [and Robbie Keam - presumed playing as he scored a goal - ED]. Missing: Mike Stuart (work commitment), Gene Crowley (work commitment), David Moore (on international duty), Tony Short, Jim Butler (still hurting), Doug Rosenlund, Pat Rohla (cold, yep, a cold!)

Over 40's no match for over 60's (match report by Chris Arcari) ..........
It was clear during the warmup that Aldergrove did not want to experience a thrashing similar to the last match, as was evidenced by several members of their Over 40's team dressed for this match. The likes of Robyn Neilsen and Gordie Clark, just to name two, promised to give this Aldergrove team a drastically different look from the one that fell 9-1 to the Classics on October 23rd.

Aldergrove won the toss, chose to switch ends, and the Classics kick off this local derby. Less than 45 seconds later, and after eight Classic players had touched the ball, the opponents finally got their first touch. Unfortunately, it was to pick the ball out of the back of their net, Gordie Macklin having finished off a clinical display of ball support, passing, and finish.

Shortly there after, Alan Alan Alan Massender sent a corner kick to the far post. Chris Arcari, expertly tracking the flight of the ball decided it would be best to head it back across the face of the goal to a waiting Rob Keam. Keam, shrugging off several Aldergrove defenders, attacked the ball and cooly headed it home for a 2-0 Classics lead.

It wasn't long before the Classics stretched their lead to 3-0, with Charles Campbell McGill III (the tird, I mean third), jumping onto a loose ball in the box. Gordie Macklin, applying relentless pressure to the beleagured Aldergrove defenders, caused the ball the bounce free to a slumbering (I mean lumbering) McGill who made no mistake in getting on the score sheet.

The fourth Classics goal was the result of nice interplay between Gordie Macklin and Charles McGill. McGill, having just returned from England where he spent some time with the former Classics' manager, David Moore [and still master of the pen when you are on thin ice and don't forget it ED!], seems to have picked up a few pointers from watching some of the high level football played by Oldham Athletic. He was causing the Aldergrove defenders nightmares with his slashing runs and physicality. However, on this occasion it was his touch on the ball that allowed him and Macklin to put a ball through to a charging Chris Arcari. Arcari hit a screaming volley that the goalie miraculously got his fingertips to, deflecting the ball to a wide open Alan Alan Alan Massender who calmly settled the ball and put it away.

Half time brought relief to the Aldergrove side who probably felt somewhat shellshocked by the Classics onslaught. The second half brought a renewed Aldergrove team out onto the pitch. They applied some pressure and were rewarded with a goal off a corner kick. However, the four-goal Classics' lead was restored when Alfie Deglan, playing his usual 'float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, tackle like a linebacker, turn red like a beet' game put a delightful ball through to a streaking Gordie Macklin [it's a wonder the referee didn't book him for taking off his shirt - ED]. Macklin outran the defender, collected the ball, deked and went around the goalkeeper, and finished off with the style and grace we have come to expect. 5-1 Classics!

The day's scoring was finished off by Chris Arcari. Arcari, in rapier-like fashion, intercepted an Aldergrove pass from their defender to their midfielder. Having noticed earlier in the game that the Aldergrove goalkeeper tended to play off his line, Arcari took two strides, had a quick look to confirm his suspicion, and deftly lofted the ball over the backpedalling goalkeeper into the wide open cage.

Final Score: 6-1 (4-0)

MWG: R. Keam
Crap Award: Well, there were several candidates for this recognition. Danny Jensen's dad was mentioned - he couldn't find the park (Noel Booth field hasn't moved in 30 years and he used to live just down the road), Pat Rohla was obviously in the running - his reason for not playing because he had a cold didn't seem to cut the mustard with the lads, and finally Dean Herbert who felt compelled to give us all the details of his recent colonoscopy. It should be noted that Herbert flashed some new moves on the pitch, swerving and gyrating his hips like a Mexican stripper, several times leaving Aldergrove defenders agape and his own Classics teammates wondering where Herbert picked up these new technical skills. One Classics teammate suggested the colonoscopy camera may have been manufactured in Brazil and perhaps one of the side effects is a heightened sense of soccer flair. So, given the name of the award, it seems only fitting that this week's recipient should be Herbert. One further note: Herbert told us he goes back in for another look-see in July, this time the doctors will take a look deeper into his small intestines. He should be unstoppable come next September.