Port Moody v Classics
Heritage Mountain
7th. Dec 2014

Conditions: Weather sunny and warm (after a Friday of snow)

Players on duty: Judd Boxtart, Jimmy Butler, Danny Jensen, Pat Rohla, Alan Massender, Larry Thorlakson, Gordie Macklin, Gene Crowley, Daryl Lawrie, Alfie Deglan, Chris Arcari, Lorenzo Arcari, Sherman Foster, Pat O'Krane, Will Dixon.

Moody get moody as the Classics grit it out......
This match was always going to be a challenge as Port Moody had inflicted the only defeat of the season on the Classics, so it was a chance of revenge for the visitors. The match started off with the home side controlling most of the ball without making any clear cut goal chances. An early comedic incident occurred early in the game when Danny Jensen decided to do his best impression of Dave Moore returning home from the club party just two days earlier. Danny decided to do it in slow motion for better effect, and thus he began his falling down procedure on the installment plan. It was a worthy contender for the crap award but last weeks reciiprient liked the award that much that he decided to leave it on his mantlepiece - that was Pat 'left, right..... repeat as necessary' Rohla, who was making his 100th. appearance, so maybe he was just caught up in the moment. Moody thought they had taken the lead midway through the half but it was from a cut back that went beyond the line for a dead ball. Judd 'Bodine' Boxtart tried to fool all his teammates by saying that he let it go in off his hand because he knew it was dead but they were not convinced. What is it we tell our kids, "Play to the whistle!" After careful consideration from the referee, and after the 'false honour' of the Moody player in question, he decided to give a dropped ball which was a strange decision as it must have either been a goal kick or a goal! However, he controlled a very competitive game with great authority and was always very much in control of proceedings.

The defence looked very strong with Sherman 'the wall' Foster looking a commanding figure at the centre, flanked by 'belly-flop' Jenson and well supported by Gene Crowley and Larry Thorlakson who were both working well as attacking fiull backs. Thorlakson, in particular, make some very dangerous, penetrating forays which deserved better results. The midfield were competitive and the forwards ran and ran to keep creating space, although goal attempts were mailny restricted to long range efforts. It was an excellent first half but the score remained at stalemate when half time arrived.

The Classics came more into ascendency in the second half and quickly took the lead. It came from a flowing move out from defence, which went across the field and ended when the ball was sent diagonally across the box to the far post. Willie Dixon was on hand to slide full length and direct the ball over the line for the opener - it was a textbook poacher's strike which gave the team a fillip as well as the confidence needed to keep the head of steam up. Moody tried to up the ante but the Classics were in determined mood and were not going to lie down. Clear cut chances were few and far between at both ends but Boxstart, in the Classics goal, cut out any threat that Moody posed with some competent handling.

With 20 minutes remaining, there appeared, out of the blue, two super-heroes - they ran up to the field like Batman and his side-kick Batgirl (aka Butler and Jackie). The fresh faced Jimmy was immediately added to the field to relieve some tired legs and it didn't take him long to make his mark. Moody were attempting some bully-boy tactics and one player was particularly lucky to remain on the field, or his feet for that matter, after he gave Dixon an exceptionally bad time with an unnecessary and vicious foul. The Classics wouldn't be intimidated though.

With earlier discussions on the side-line about how dangerous a 2-0 lead was, it was suggested that it might not be a bad thing to go two up with just five minutes remaining. Step up Mr Butler! Butler went on one of his runs into the box and it was finished off with a ferocious volley past the despairing Moody keeper who was helpless to do anything to stop it. Butler was like a fox in the box and his finish also finished off the game. Alan Massender was later sent to the sin-bin, along with a Moody player after another fracas - but he was probably jealous of Pat Rohla who received the same fate last week. With time running out the Classics played down the clock as they held the ball to seal the emphatic win which was a credit to both teams and the officiating. So justice was done in the end, and the Classics ended the undefeated run that Port Moday had maintained since the start of the season.

Final Score: Port Moody 0 v Classics 2 (0-0)

MWG: W. Dixon
Sin Bin: A. Massender