Aldergrove United v Classics
Aldergrove East Turf
7th. Feb. 2016

Conditions: On/off rain and mild/cold

Players on duty: Judd Boxtart, Jimmy Butler, Danny Jensen, Alan Massender, Larry Thorlakson, Gordie Macklin, Gene Crowley, Daryl Lawrie, Alfie Deglan, Chris Arcari, Sherman Foster, Robbie keam, Warren Crowley, Pat O'Krane, Will Dixon.

United Trounced on the Turf .....
For some unknown reason this match was switched to an artificial turf field instead of the scheduled grass field. Consequently, it wasn't a real game. It took both sides time to adapt to the bounce and run-away effect of the ball and it didn't make for good football with many passes extending the players by much too far. The first effort of the game came from Gordie Macklin in the 12th. minute but it sailed over the bar. The next effort brought a goal in the 21st. minute. It came from a huge kick from keeper Judd Boxtart which bounced over the United defence. Macklin, looking resplendent in his new shirt, was alert enough to see the danger and raced past the central defenders to smack a glorious effort into the net. Although the United keeper got a hand to the ball, the momentum was enough to put the Classics in the lead.

It was 2-0 in the 28th. minute. It stemmed from a Danny Jensen free kick on the half way line. The ball somehow got through to Jimmy Butler who did what he does! Five minutes later a yellow card was issued to Robbie Keam after he grabbed on to the Aldergrove winger as he passed him. It was a foul but did not warrant a card, especially as it was a first offence. Sherman Foster was skipped around in the 37th. minute on the right of the box and a United forward cut inside to hammer home a fine goal into the top left roof of the net. It was the goal of the game. Two minutes later, Foster was at the other end trying to make amends but he was penalised for jumping for the ball with the keeper, for which he received a yellow card. Again, it was undeserved. The keeper fell on the floor but Foster was perfectly within his rights to jump for the ball. The referee was beginning to look like he was sowing seeds with the speed his hands were going back and forwards so fast. Two minutes from the half, Aldergrove were level. A left wing cross sailed way over the goalmouth to the back of the box. The ball was returned into the box and an attacker stuck out his foot to guide the ball into the net to give the home side some hope.

The second half was only four minutes old and it was 3-2 to the Classics. Some good work on the left resulted in the ball slipping through to Keam who showed his quick reflexes and skill by hammering the ball home from the six-yard-box. The clincher came in the 66th. minute after a quick throw in on the right went to Daryl Lawrie. Lawrie unselfishly passed the ball through to Butler who knocked in his second of the game to give the Classics the insurance goal that they probably needed. Once again, the United keeper got his hands to the ball but Butler's power made sure that he only pushed the ball on it's way into the roof of the net. Aldergrove were still trying to make a game of it, but by this time the Classics had used their extensive gym training to come to terms with the turf surface and were starting to play with some authority. After this it was exhibition time with the Classics keeping possession, with Chris Arcari again having a good game. The only scare came when Larry Thorlakson fell asleep and the left winger sailed round him as if he was wearing concrete boots, but he then scuffed his shot wide and the Classics continued to frustrate the home side with their continued possession.

Final Score: Aldergrove United 2 Classics 4 (2-2)

Yellow cards: R. Keam, S. Foster
MWG: R. Keam
Crap Award: L. Thorlakson