Polonia v Surrey Classics FC
Tom Binney 1
8th. November 2009

Weather: cold and overcast
Classics are poleaxed........
It was almost an exact year since the Classics last visit to Tom Binney to take on Polonia but the game was frought with many similarities. The visitors kicked off with just 11 players, many of them beginning unfit and hoping for less than 90 minutes of play. Dave Moore began the game in goal but Dean Herbert had to trade places with him after 15 minutes when his calf began to give him problems with the score at 0-0.

The first piece of action that Herbert had to perform was to pick the ball out of the net. A right wing Polonia break saw Herbert rush off his line to try to avert the danger but his timing was akin to a tortoise carrying a donkey and he found himself stranded in no-mans-land. The Polonia player toe-punted the ball goalwards and despite the desperate chasing of Danny Jensen, the pace on the turf field was too much and the ball rolled agonisingly into the net. Poor Dean must have felt bad but no blame can ever be apportioned to a stand in keeper who is faithfully helping out the team.

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With players dropping like flies, Willy Dixon was recruited for the second half even though it entailed a mad dash home for him to retrieve his kit. The Classics did pick up the game in the second half and they enjoyed the majority of the attacking play although they characteristically couldn't put the ball away again for the umpteenth frustrating week. Doug Rosenlund, although carrying an injury, was causing Polonia all kinds of problems with some incisive precision passing in what was one of his best games for the club. He sprayed the ball around like 'The Ghost of Christmas Present' sprayed goodness and festive cheer around at Christmas time.

Rick Geary was forced to retire injured from the game midway through the second half as the defence took on an unusual shape with Jensen, Moore, Herbert, Chris Arcari, Fisher Crockett, Jim Eden and Larry Thorlakson all taking part in some macabre game of musical chairs without the music or the chairs. The depleted Classics side showed a determined character and continued to fight for a result right until the final whistle even though there were only four of the regular starters (Jensen, McAuley, McGill and Thorlakson) playing uninjured. With Polonia running down the clock and prepared to try everything in their power to keep possession, Jensen had a great last ten minutes as he left the defence to tend for themselves. He ventured up front in an attempt to grasp what would have been a deserved equaliser and he chased everything and harried, bustled, and generally made himself a nuisance to the home side as he harassed them. He was a real thorn in their side. As much as he tried, the Classics did have a few chances but they again failed to score and went down to their first defeat of the season.

The similarities to the last game are as follows:

Final Score 1-0 (1-0)

GK: D. Moore (15mins) then D. Herbert
Yellow cards: J. Eden (foul), C. Arcari (mouthing)
You were Crap award: D. Herbert