Classics v Piast
Denny Ross
8th. Nov 2015

Conditions: Remarkably mild for the time of year

Players on duty: Judd Boxtart, Jimmy Butler, Danny Jensen, Dave Moore, Pat Rohla, Gordie Macklin, David Breen, Gene Crowley, Daryl Lawrie, Bryan Griffiths, Chris Arcari, Lorenzo Arcari, Randy Hosler, Robbie Keam, Warren Crowley, Rick Geary, Pat O'Krane, Will Dixon.

Classics rule Piast.....
The build up to this game had been subjected to on/off speculation but the conditions and field were in tip top shape. Unfortunately the referee failed to show up so the duties were split between Dave Moore and one of the opposition, who performed for half a game each. The first goal fell to the Classics after 10 minutes when Jimmy Butler stroked the ball home, despite the calls for a suspected hand ball from the Piast players. Piast struck back pretty quickly when the Classics players stopped, expecting an off-side whistle which never came - play to the whistle boys! Judd Boxtart could do nothing as an opposing attacker walked through the stationary defenders to slot home low to his near post (although he described the goal as a 'roughing error'). The second goal, and eventual match winner, came courtesy of Daryl Lawrie, who redirected a shot from Bryan Griffiths beyond the reach of the giant visiting keeper. With 15 minutes of the half remaining, Butler scampered down the right wing and cut dangerously into the box, only to be unceremoniously have his legs chopped from under him. The referee had no hesitation in awarding a penalty which was ceremoniously dispatched by Robbie Keam who had no difficulty in finding the bottom right corner of the net.

Chris Arcari was having a great game at the heart of the defence and the second half began at another frantic pace. In one attack, Rick Geary and Keam both went for the same head ball and the Fat Controller admonished them both for causing confusion and delay. In one attack the referee awarded a free kick in favour of the Classics, which Pat Rohla took quickly but the referee brought the ball back as he had taken it 'too quickly'. The ref then had to hold Rohla's hand to position the ball in the correct spot; minutes later, Rohla played the pass of the game when he floated the ball from the right wing directly to the feet of Will Dixon, standing way out on the left, who also showed great control before setting on on another attacking foray. On the hour mark Rohla sent a perfectly placed right wing corner over the defence to Geary at the back post. Geary should have buried the ball but it struck him on the leg and bounced to safety. A good 35 yarder from Rohla sailed just wide of the top left corner but the remainder of the half petered out as the visitors were so restricted in chances that the game was won with 15 minutes remaining. Special mention should be given to David Breen who showed up after working all night and still played a decent game, even though he had had no sleep.


Final Score: Classics 3 Piast 1 (3-1)

MWG: D. Lawrie
D. Moore refereed the first half
Crap Award: J. Eden