Tri-City United v Classics
Denny Ross
8th. March 2015

Conditions: A mix of sun and cloud but mostly sunny and warm; Overnight Clear, Temperature:4C; Visibility: N/A; Pressure: 102.88 kPa; Humidity: 45%; Dew point: -1C; Feels Like: 15C; Forecast: -1 / 11C; Wind: 2 km/h from South; Forecast for this evening a mix of cloudy and clear skies, Temperature:8C. Ground a little hard and bouncy but playable.

Players on duty: Jimmy Butler, Danny Jensen, Dave Moore, Pat Rohla, Alan Massender, Gordie Macklin, David Breen, Gene Crowley, Alfie Deglan, Chris Arcari, Randy Hosler, Gino Nonni, Robbie Keam, Warren Crowley, Willie Dixon.

Classics fizzle out...
It was the last match of the season and expectations were high to complete the season with 12 consecutive wins. The match was played on the day the clocks went forward and it certainly showed as the Classics lost one hour of sleep. Unfortunately, they took it on the field of play and only put in a 30 minute shift instead of the regular 90 minutes that a game usually lasts. The first chance for the visitors fell to Jimmy Butler who was put through on goal but his chip was too high and the effort cleared the bar. The blame was laid at Randy Hosler who put too much air in the ball which caused it to rise too rapidly. Other efforts fell but they were all squandered by the Classics players who played like they were wearing bedroom slippers instead of boots. Chris Arcari had one shot which was badly handled by the home keeper and it looked like it was going to sneak over the line but the goalie recovered sufficiently to stop it in time. Butler had a header that he just couldn't get down low enough and Gordie Macklin, Warren Crowley, Alfie Deglan all had missed chances. The killer goal came half way through the first half when a high through ball deceived Danny Jensen and fell to the feet of a United attacker who simply toe-punted the ball past the advancing stand-in keeper.

Win or lose - have a booze and 'to the winner the spoils'

The RCMP are on the lookout for this flasher who was spotted
near the ground. Phone tips to 604-SMALL-TIP

The home keeper played very well and kept some efforts at bay but the chances were there for the visitors to have come away with a win which just didn't happen on the day. The opposition were discussing their victory after the match and they said that it was good to beat the best team in the league but another of their players said, "Woody's are the best team." The remainder of their team agreed that Woody's don't even compare to these guys. However, in the final analysis, the Classics had a very bad day at the office and it was one to forget. The manager asked the referee to add on the extra hour which had been lost during the game but he declined as he didn't think the teams could pay for the overtime. As a result of the capitulation, the management have recommended Summer School for the following players: Jimmy Butler, Pat Rohla, Alan Massender, Daryl Lawrie (okay he wasn't there but he still didn't score!), Alfie Deglan, Chris Arcari, Gini Nonni, Warren Crowley and Willie Dixon. Now it's a case of get yourself up, dust yourself down and start all over again next season. Joking apart - GREAT SEASON EVERYONE!

Final Score: Tri-City United 1 Classics 0 (1-0)

GK: D. Moore
Crap Award: J. Butler