VERNON over 50's TOURNAMENT 2005
A nucleus of Classics players with additonal players from five local rival teams made the trip to Vernon for the annual Vernon National Oldtimers Soccer Tournament. With 6 points for a win, with additional points for goals scored and shut-outs it was important to try to win all games as competition would be tough. All games were 35 mins. duration halves.

Game number one was played against Northern Stars on Grahame #1, a field next to the airport. With the size of the field as big as it was, it was surprising that the aircraft didn’t land whilst the game was being played. The Classics ran out 1-0 winners with Gordie Robertson netting the only goal of the game with a fine strike in the 43rd. minute.

Game number two was played on the same field against a mixed Richmond team. The Classics bottled this one by losing 3-1. Tired legs! John Wilson scored the only Classics goal, an equaliser in the 25th. minute.

Game three was a game against Chilliwack and was a ‘must win well’ game as nearly all the teams were tied with the same points and the division was wide open. It didn’t start off too well as the Classics were 1-0 down at the half. Bruce Cook scored a powerful header to equalise in the 55th. minute and 5 minutes later a Jim Eden special from 25 yards deceived the keeper to put the Classics ahead. Kenny Johnson scored a security goal in the 62nd. minute to ensure that maximum points could be gained, considering that the Classics were a goal down and had lost the extra point for the shut-out.

When all the results from all the game three’s were in the Classics had made it to the final. That important third goal, scored by Kenny Johnson was enough to ensure that the Classics had one more point than Richmond, his regular team, thus relegating them to the 3rd./4th. place consolation final.

The final was played on Monday morning against Stari Prdaci, the only team to remain undefeated throughout the competition. It was a case of all hands to the pumps as the Classics were carrying many wounded soldiers. In a take no prisoners game the first half ended 0-0. The Classics were having the better of the exchanges and were unlucky on a few occasions but the bottom line was that the game ended 0-0. It came down to the dreaded penalty shoot-out. Garry Hackel took the first penalty and converted, before resuming his role of trying to keep them out. Unfortunately the next three Classics players, Kenny Johnson, John Wilson and Bruce Cook, all failed to convert and Stari Prdaci took the first place. Chuck McGill picked up a yellow card in the game. There was no disgrace as shoot-outs are always a lottery and to finish in second place under such circumstances was a credit to the walking wounded. Richmond beat South Hill 1-0 to take third spot.

Most Memorable Moments: "Yabasa" and "I’m not gay."