Vernon Tournament 2008
All matches played at Marshall Field
17th. - 18th. May 2008

Great squad but poor performance........

Game 1 v Baxters
With twelve regular squad members and guests Gene Crowley, Dave Porter, Eric Errington and Phil Smith the signs looked good for the Classics. Expecting an easy first game from the unknown Baxter's team the Classics were in for a shock as the opposition were very competent in every area. After an evenly matched first half the score was deservedly 0-0. In the second half Baxters took the lead after a slip in defence let in an attacker who gave keeper Garry Hackel no chance. The result of 1-0 stood.

Game 2 v Stari Prdaci
Stari have won the tournament the last few times that the Classics have entered so they were expecting another tough game and one which was a 'must win' if any progress was to be made in the tournament. Danny Jensen had to miss the game due to a ham string injury which looks like ending his participation in the tournament. After a goalless first half Stari took the lead after a bit of hesitation from Hackel allowed them a chance which they gratefully accepted. With time running out, and it looking more likely to be another defeat for the Classics, Alfie Deglan pounced onto a half chance and hammered the ball goalwards. The Stari keeper pushed the ball out but it fell nicely back to Deglan who on this occasion hammered an unstoppable volley past the bemused keeper to level the scores.

With about five minutes remaining a Stari attacker centred a ball from the right which landed dangerously in the penalty box. Dave Moore, surrounded by attackers, hoofed the ball clear with a rocket of a left foot. Unfortunately for him, Hackel and the Classics, the ball was spinning and the ball spun low to the left of Hackel who was watching the attackers rather than the more dangerous Moore. It was the match winner, albeit a cruel one. Hackel commented after the game, "of all the players in the league, I don't think anybody has scored more goals against me than Moore." It was a cruel end after a reasonable performance.

Game 3 v Toms Video
With Jensen and Phil Smith out injured, and with nothing but pride to play for the Classics took on Toms Video. It was another evenly balanced game which remained once again at 0-0 for the half time score. Seems like it might be easier to 'cut and paste' the Game 1 report from here onwards as it was another 1-0 result. Chris Arcari picked up a yellow card in a disappointing end to the tournament.

Luckily, the Classics saved all their best moves till after the games. The evenings were very eventful with lots of athleticism being shown by many of the team members. It was the worst possible on field results with probably the best ever off field activities. Well..........that's what it's all about isn't it? Roll on next season!

In case anyone is interested - Stari Prdaci did not get to the final. It was won by Polonia with KC Trojans the runners up. Toms Video made third place.