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Bill Shankley (to a photographer who suggested Brian Clough was outspoken): "Laddie, that man scored 200 goals in 270 matches - an incredible record - and he has won cup after cup as a manager. When he talks, pin back your ears."

[Collin Ashton] Collin Ashton
Collin was a long standing member of the Classics and his claim to fame was that he was responsible for making the signing of the last millenium. He was coach of the Classics when he snapped up Dave Moore on a free transfer from Oldham. So that's who's to blame! Collin's record for the club was: Played 173, Goals 30, Match Winning goals 6, Own Goals 1, Yellow Cards 8, Red Cards 4, Penalty Misses 1, Penalty Saves 1, Penalties Conceded 3.
[Jethro Boxtart] Judd Boxtart
Judd is a product of the successful Youth Academy at the Classics. Affectionately known as Jethro, due to his intellectual ability to perceive and retain knowledge, by his team-mates, he is constantly working to perfect the art of shut-outs. The big keeper retired at the end of the 2016/17 season with 35 appearances.
[Al Burton] Al Burton
"Budgie" has been with the team since 1990 and retired in the 2003-04 season due to injuries. He came out of retirement for the 2006-07 season to reinstate the famous 'Budgie Pirouette', his invention for turning on a threepenny bit. Winner of the MVP award on many occasions, Al has now played over 340 games, scoring over a century of goals with almost 30 match winners.
[Martin Chipperfield] Martin Chipperfield
Signed in the summer season of 2001 from local rivals Peace Arch, "Chipper" retired from the game at the start of the 2004-05 season. He made 68 appearances and scored one goal for and one goal against. In his time with the Classics he received 10 yellow and one red card. Martin also made two important penalty saves as he occasionally stepped between the sticks as emergency keeper.
[Bruce Cook] Bruce Cook
Bruce had been with the Classics on and off since records have been kept at the club. He held the all-time record for scoring goals with 138 goals in 302 games when he left to join Langley in 2007. He also has the dubious record of having conceded the most yellow cards in a season when he received 8 yellows in the Summer of 92.
[Fisher Crockett] Fisher Crockett
Fisher has been with the club longer than anyone on the team. He knows everyone in the league as he has either played with or against them at some time in his career. A reliable full back who made over 600 (recorded) appearances for the club. His injuries brought about an unexpected retirement in the 2012/13 season. Fisher is the first player to be rewarded as a 'ring of honour' player.
[Alfie Deglan] Alfie Deglan
Alfie (the beetroot) was always seen puffing up and down the field from his midfield position. A fierce competitor who previously worked for NASA as a tester. They had watched him shooting at a previous game and decided that he could kick a rocket higher than they could fire one. Alfie has made 272 appearances with a creditable 8 goals amd 17 match winners.
[Hans Erker] Hans Erker
Hans was with the Classics for a very long time and was a versatile player. The unconfirmed rumour is that he turned down a professional career with Bayern Munich to sign for the Classics. His playing record was: P297, G 18, Match Winning goals 3, Own Goals 1, Yellow Cards 2, Red Cards 4, Penalty Saves 1. He continues to insist that the ball was not over the line in 1966!
[Sherman Foster] Sherman Foster
It is reputed that Sherman is a German but the fact is currently unproved, although it does rhyme. A powerful defender with a knack of scoring he scored 9 in 42 appearances.
[Rick Geary] Rick Geary
Rick made his debut for the Classics against South Hill on the opening day of the 1994 season but that was his only appearance until he returned for the 1995 summer season. One of the original 'twin towers' when he played at centre back, Rick matured into more of a central provider and scorer of goals from a midfield role. He amassed over 314 appearances, hitting over 27 goals in the process. Rick eventually had to concede to his injuries and is sadly missed on the field.
[Garry Hackel] Garry Hackel
[Young Hackel]The "Hack" (or "El Loco") was one of the best goalkeepers in the league, and was without doubt the best one-on-one stopper around. Garry made 17 successful penalty saves including 4 consecutively. The Hack (he's unreal) made 424 appearances for the club and even popped six goals in at the other end. Here is a some rare footage of "The Hack" in training when he was a young kid growing up in Richmond.
[Dean Herbert] Dean Herbert
Dean was a member of the Classics youth academy and was born at an early age into a servant family for the Monarchy of Denmark. With no inborn interest of going into the family business - lets face it - who wants to make open sandwiches? - he took to football. He began his career in 1964 with the West Van Wolverines and in 1967 he got transferred to the Nanaimo Knight of Columbus. The highlight of his career was winning the Provincials in 1995 as a member of the Langley Golden Olys. The one thing that annoys him most about football is the way that Danny Jensen keeps yelling at him. Towards the end of his career he had the brain removal operation to make him into a goalkeeper but was unfortunately forced to retire after an horrific knee injury in the last game of the 2013/14 season. Dean made a total of 77 appearances for the Classics.
[Les Horvath] Les Horvath
"Lotsy" was a long time member of the team who was forced to retire through injuries at the end of the 2002-03 season. The skillful Hungarian had the knack of keeping the ball glued to his foot, especially in the penalty area where he was so deadly. Les also coached the team in the early 90's. Les' record for the club was: Played 206, Goals 83, Match Winning Goals 12, Yellow Cards 5, Penalties 5, Penalty Saves 1.
[Ron Jennings] Ron Jennings
Ron played all his soccer in South Africa. He started playing at the age of 8 while at Cubs and played senior soccer when he was 16. He played in the NFL Division 1 for Iscor Newcastle where he ended his career at the age of 29. He returned to the game when he signed for the Classics and scored his first goal in 26 years in the game at Aldergrove in 2003. He made 30 appearances for the club, netting three goals.
[Danny Jensen] Danny Jensen
Danny played for North Shore Pegasus FC for over 18 years. Most of his career was at left back before moving into center midfield. He then signed for the Langley over 30's where he was slotted in as a sweeper and his next progression was to the over 35 Langley Golden Oly's. Danny has also coached for over 30 years, with two Provincial Cup Championships being the highlights. He signed for the Classics at the start of the 2006/07 season in a record deal but the record got scratched and had to be thrown away. He now owns an iPod and has amassed over 100 appearances.
[Chas Jones] Chas Jones
Chas, a keen Spurs supporter, has been around a long time and plays left back. He's been left back in the dressing room many times but he keeps finding the field although it's usually as the team is kicking off. Alarm clocks can be donated through the e-mail address. Chas made 370 appearances for the Classics and scored one goal.
[Ray Marrington] Ray Marrington
Ray had several spells with the club and amassed 236 appearances, scoring 25 goals in the process before retiring at the start of the 2008-09 season. A versatile player who was equally at home in defence, midfield or forwards. He has scored some important goals for the Classics over the years.
[Bill McAuley] Bill McAuley
"I am a product of the Riverdale Soccer Association which started in the early 60's by a local Scottish baker and an English prison guard. I was seven when I started. I played for the Riverdale Knights until the age of 16 and then signed for South Burnaby Men's Club who in 1969-70 were runners up for the District Champions, won the Seggie Cup and played in the first soccer game televised from Swanguard Stadium. Quite a year. I also played for BCIT in an inter collegiate league. After working in Alberta I signed for Sapperton from 1974-82 and then tried out for Semiahmo Saints with whom I stayed until eventually fading into retirement. The spirit is ever willing so every two or three years I come out of retirement until injuries dictate another sabatical. The Classics are a great team to play for and I had hoped to continue through to Over 60's." Bill scored 27 goals in 141 appearances for the Classics.
[Chuck McGill] Chuck McGill
Chuck signed in the 1997/98 season and quickly established himself as a 'twin tower' at the centre of defence. He has made over 250 appearances and as hit 50 goals. "I graduated from Semiahmoo High School and played for the team in the BC Championships. My juvenile soccer was with the Peace Arch Soccer Association and I was selected to play on the Under 18 Select team that won the BC Championships. I also played for a number of Premier clubs in the Vancouver Area. I was fortunate to win the Bradner and Packingham Cups on a number of occasions and played in the BC Summer Games and Provincial Men's finals as well. After a stint in Australia, where I played for a Perth team, I signed for the Classics and have been playing for them since. I enjoy the camaraderie and competitiveness that the Classics are well known for."
[Phil Nelson] Phil Nelson
Phil signed for the Classics in the 1994-95 season and has appeared on and off through his career as age restrictions have allowed. He made a total of 88 appearances scoring 4 goals (1 MWG) and picked up 5 yellow cards along the way.
[Billy Ranger] Billy Ranger
A prolific goal scorer who hit 120 goals, including 29 match winners, in 211 games for the Classics. Billy will be remembered for his speed and quickness of his turns. His contribution to the team was immense over the years and he will be missed now that injuries have brought an early end to his career.
[Doug Rosenlund] Doug Rosenlund
Doug is a big man who can play in a variety of positions. He has fought his way back into the team after some time out through personal circumstannces. He knows and has worked with Carlo Corazzin who used to play for Oldham Athletic - so there's nothing wrong with that! Doug scored 20 goals in 55 appearances for the team.
[Tony Short] Tony Short
Tony (five alive) has seen his appearances restricted recently due to knee surgery and has recently taken over the role as team photographer. He can usually be found flashing at the side of the field. Rumours that Grimsby Town are after his services as a keeper are unconfirmed. Tony made a total of 284 appearances with 56 goals to his credit.
[Doug Smith] Doug Smith
The "Boomerang" man was born in Sydney, Australia and he joined the Classics in the summer season in 2002. He went on to make 101 appearances for the team, scoring 8 goals (1 MWG) in the process. His proudest moment with the team was when he was awarded the famous ‘You were crap’ trophy."
[Mike Snow] Mike Snow
Mike had made over 130 appearances for the club and has scored almost 20 goals. He is a powerful midfielder with a blistering shot as well as phenominal long throw ins.
[George Wadsworth] George Wadsworth
Was the biggest player in the club with the biggest hands. "When he was a boy" his sporting activities were confined to cricket in Jamaica but after he retired from playing his sporting activites were confined to improving his golf handicap. Unfortunately, Big George passed away in 2010. George's record for the club was: Played 80, Goals 7.

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