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Gary Lineker: "Trevor Brooking is in the Sapporo Bowl. What's it like, Trevor?"
Trevor Brooking: "It's a bowl shape, Gary."

[Jethro Boxtart] Squad Number 1 - Judd Boxtart
Judd is a product of the successful Youth Academy at the Classics. Affectionately known as Jethro, due to his intellectual ability to perceive and retain knowledge, by his team-mates, he is constantly working to perfect the art of shut-outs.
[Jeff Dickson] Squad Number 2 - Jeff Dickson
Photo and pen pic to follow.
[Danny Jensen] Squad Number 3 - Danny Jensen
Danny played for North Shore Pegasus FC for over 18 years. Most of his career was at left back before moving into center midfield. He then signed for the Langley over 30's where he was slotted in as a sweeper and his next progression was to the over 35 Langley Golden Oly's. Danny has also coached for over 30 years, with two Provincial Cup Championships being the highlights. He signed for the Classics at the start of the 2006/07 season in a record deal but the record got scratched and had to be thrown away. He now owns an iPod and has amassed over 100 appearances.
[Jim Eden] Squad Number 4 - Jim Eden
Jim retired as Team Coach in 2013 after holding the role since he came to the club in 1992. He is currently the all time leading goalscorer with over 130 goals for the club. "I came to Canada in 1974 and signed for Wesburn in the Pacific Coast League. After several seasons, moved to North Delta and became player/coach for North Delta United in the Fraser Valley Premier League. Retired for about 5 years and then found my real calling by playing with this team. Highlights of career are winning and losing with the best bunch of guys that play this game and to have held the leading scorer of all time for the Classics was the icing on the cake."
[Dave Moore] Squad Number 5 - Dave Moore
Dave is the General Manager of the club and began his career in England with Glodwick Athletic. He then played for Queen Street Congs. in the Oldham Sunday School League. After several years of retirement he was enticed back to the game when he signed for Parkside in the Oldham Sunday League. His first stint of management was when he jointly took over Netherhey FC with Phil Stevenson. In 1990 Dave moved back to Canada to return to Semiahmoo for whom he played one season in 1987/88 when they were an over 30's team. Dave's highlights include scoring one of the goals in a shock 4-1 OSL shield win over favourites Cannon Street Rangers and playing on Boundary Park, home of his beloved Oldham Athletic. The holder of many club records; his feats include the most own goals conceded and the most penalties conceded - both are in double figures!
[Pat Rohla] Squad Number 6 - Pat Rohla
Pat coaches 'soccer' at Trinity Western University and has a side line of supplying black market animals to unsuspecting team-mates and foreign investors. Pat now has in excess of 100 games for the Classics.
[Alan Massender] Squad Number 7 - Alan Massender
Is renown for receiving naive young calves and innocent kids from his unnamed peddler friend of a team- mate. The errant receiver denies all allegience to such activities but video surveilance has conclusive evidence that he, and his supplier, have in fact indulged in underhanded abuse to unsuspecting, and previously innocent, wildlife.
[Larry Thorlakson] Squad Number 8 - Larry Thorlakson
Larry retired from the game but was enticed back although he found the electrifying pace difficult to handle. The club physio pieced him back together with the use of duct tape and he never looked back. He has now returned to his best form and has made more than 250 appearances for the club.
[Gordie macklin] Squad Number 9 - Gordie Macklin
Gordie underwent some torrid medical times of late but still came out smiling. After half a season out through injury he returned with renewed vigour and some venom, so much so that he went overboard with decisions that went against him. Although totally out of character, Gordie tried to maintain his decorum but tended to lose it at the important times. He likes stirring it!
[David Breen] Squad Number 10 - David Breen
David is another prospect from the youth policy who decided to make his comeback to football after a long lay-off. The club has high aspirations for the player.
[Gene Crowley] Squad Number 11 - Gene Crowley
Gene has played over 100 games for the club and has red hair!
[Daryl Lawrie] Squad Number 12 - Daryl Lawrie
Daryl cuts down trees. He applied for a job advertised for 'tree fellerers' with a colleague but had to withdraw from the interview as he said, "There are only two of us!"
[Chuck McGill] Squad Number 13 - Chuck McGill
Chuck signed in the 1997/98 season and quickly established himself as a 'twin tower' at the centre of defence. Nicknamed "Aladdin" because of his giant curly shoes he is a hard man, difficult to beat in the air, and a strong tackling player who uses his height well. "I graduated from Semiahmoo High School and played for the team in the BC Championships. My juvenile soccer was with the Peace Arch Soccer Association and I was selected to play on the Under 18 Select team that won the BC Championships. I also played for a number of Premier clubs in the Vancouver Area. I was fortunate to win the Bradner and Packingham Cups on a number of occasions and played in the BC Summer Games and Provincial Men's finals as well. After a stint in Australia, where I played for a Perth team, I signed for the Classics and have been playing for them since. I enjoy the camaraderie and competitiveness that the Classics are well known for." Chuck has recently converted to a forwards role.
[Alfie Deglan] Squad Number 14 - Alfie Deglan
Alfie (the beetroot) can be seen puffing up and down the field from his midfield position. A fierce competitor who previously worked for NASA as a tester. They had watched him shooting at a previous game and decided that he could kick a rocket higher than they could fire one. Alfie has made over 250 appearances with a creditable 75 plus goals being contributed.
[Chris Arcari] Squad Number 15 - Chris Arcari
Chris originally made his debut for the Classics back in the summer of 1996 when his hat-trick helped the Classics to a 4-2 win over Stingers #2. His return to the team has been a welcome addition and he now has over 70 goals in more than 200 appearances.
[Lorenzo Arcari] Squad Number 16 - Lorenzo Arcari
Twin brother of Chris which confuses the team no end! If you are not sure, Lorenzo is a firefighter and Chris is a player who likes to run up and down with his squirter.
[Randy Hosler] Squad Number 17 - Randy Hosler
Randy sells himself as well as homes. He was approached by the refereee to prove his age by showing his drivers licence but he admitted that joy is of paramount importance to everything. Time will tell wih this story is true or not.
[Bryan Griffiths] Squad Number 18
Bryan is another player who has worked his way through the the youth ranks. He is now an established player who puts lots of energy into his play and a bright future is expected from this youngster.
[Sherman Foster] Squad Number 19 - Sherman Foster
It is reputed that Sherman is a German but the fact is currently unproved, although it does rhyme.
[Robbie Keam] Squad Number 20 - Robbie Keam
Robbie has recently suffered through injury problems and is undertaking a comeback. A true team player who is versatile enough to play in ANY position.
[Warren Crowley] Squad Number 21 - Warren Crowley
Warren has made over 100 appearances with a strike rate of almost a goal every two games. It seems like he has been with the team forever!
[Pat O'Krane] Squad Number 23 - Pat O'Krane
Pat is a recent addition to the team. A powerful player with a nose for finding the net.
[Willie Dixon] Squad Number 24 - Willie Dixon
After making several guest appearances for the Classics in tournaments, Willie has recently signed a permanent contract in a transfer from Britannia FC. He is a versatile player with a knack of finding the net in important games.

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