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"I'm a firm believer that if the other side scores first you have to score twice to win" - Howard Wilkinson

On 23rd. September 1990 the then Scottsdale Classics recorded their first win at Newton Athletic Park, a 4-2 success against Two Pubs Brewers. The match was remarkable as the Classics scored all six goals. Dave Moore got the first ever recorded own goal for the club and Fisher Crockett got the other

The Classics first loss was against Aldergrove on 7th. October 1990 at Bear Creek Park. Aldergrove ran out 5-2 victors

The first recorded draw was at Newton Athletic Park on 18th. November 1990. The score was 1-1 and the opposition on that day was Alemania

On 9th. December 1990 the game at Newton Athletic Park against Firemen was abandoned due to rough play after 85 mins. with the score standing at 1-2 for the Firemen

The first red cards recorded came in the Scottsdale Tournament on 17th. March 1991. The match against Whalers was abandoned with Whalers winning 2-3 after George Horvath and Gary Hackel had been red carded

On 14th. October 1990 Bill Ross scored two own goals in the 5-1 defeat at Cambie Sec. School by Richmond Islanders

The first recorded penalty conversion was in the 1-0 win over Kennedys on 17th. February 1991 at Newton Athletic Park. Player unknown

On 1st. May 1991 John Robbins was the first player to be sin-binned in a game at Newton Athletic against Langley #2

Hugh McFadden and Andre Maris played for Peace Arch in the 2-1 win at Newton Athletic Park on 15th May 1991

Bruce Cook and Fisher Crockett both scored for Langley #2 against The Classics in a 4-3 victory at Newton Athletic

In the 7-0 win against Langley #1 at Newton Athletic on 10th. July 1991 Langley fielded only 10 players

Ray Marrington became the first recorded yellow card in the 0-0 draw with Britannia at the 1991 Peace Arch Tournament

The first penalty miss was by Bruce Cook in a 1-4 win at James Kennedy Elem. against Langley #1 on 7th. August 1991

In the summer season 1991 The Classics used 28 different signed players. A.N.Other total was 2

The 100th. goal scored came in the 1-6 win at Coquitlam Lions on 22nd. September 1991

The first game played on artificial turf was against Croatia at Eric Hamber School on 20th. October 1991

The first own goal scored by the opposition was at Newton Athletic on 27th. October 1991 by Langley Jem Deck Aces. Classics won 4-0

On 3rd. November 1991 The Classics beat The Danes S.C. at Central Valley #9 by 1-5 despite playing with 10 men

In the 1-3 win at Frank Hurt School on 24th. November 1991 the Horvath brothers played in opposing goals. Les played for The Classics while brother George was in goal for Pacific Western Classics

The 100th. goal scored against The Classics came in the 6-3 defeat at Adanac Park by Croatia on 16th. June 1992

The first record of a conceded penalty was by Dave Moore for hand ball in the 1-5 loss against Britannia at Kwantlen Park (a Classics home game)

On 9th. February 1992 Scottsdale Classics changed their name to Semiahmoo F.C.

The first recorded match winning goal was scored by Steve Gollogly in the 0-1 win against Alemania at Vancouver Tech. School on 9th. February 1992

In the match against Witch of Endor on 1st. March 1992 at Meadowland School The Classics started the game with only 9 players

Gary Hackel made the first penalty save against Aldergrove on 8th. March 1992 at Brown Park (home game). The game finished 3-2 for The Classics and the penalty was the last kick of the game

In a friendly game against the Referees at Central Valley on 25th. June 1992 Les Horvath scored the teams 200th. goal

The Classics played against Stingers #2 at Hellings School with only 8 registered players on 26th. August 1992. 5 players were 'borrowed'

Dusan Vuksan played for The Classics from 1990 to 30th. June 1992 under the name of Ick, a cruel nickname given by Randy Collins. All his records before that date were listed under D. Ick

The away match against Coquitlam United was stopped for 5 mins. due to a referee injury on 4th. October 1992

The clubs 300th. goal was scored against Essondale at Harris School on 21st. March 1993

Steve Gollogoly became the first player to net a hat-trick when he scored 4 goals in the 6-0 win against Royal Oak at Newton Athletic on 16th. February 1992

When Dave Moore scored the ninth goal in the 11-0 drubbing of Langley on 30th. June 1993 it was the record breaking goal which overtook the previous best win of 3-8 at North Delta Kennedys

Seattle Lions became the first International game for Classics when they met in the 1993 Peace Arch Tournament

Alan Burton became the first player to score two penalties in the same game against Alemania in the semi-final of the 1993 Peace Arch Tournament

The clubs 100th. win came against Stingers #2 on 11th. August 1993 at Newton Athletic

Semiahmoo F.C. changed their name to Progressive Classics on 12th. September 1993

Jim Eden scored the 400th. goal in the 0-2 win at Vancouver Firefighters at Columbia College on 3rd. October 1993. A remarkable fact was that at the time of the goal The Classics had 12 players on the field !

Mission scored the 200th. goal against The Classics on 17th. October 1993

Pacific Western Classics won their first game against The Classics with a 2-1 friendly win on 12th. September 1993. They achieved it with 9 men

In a friendly game on 13th. January 1994 The Classics (over 40's) beat F.C. Gunners (under 17) 1-0 on the Newton Athletic all weather pitch

Hans Erker became the first player to score directly from a corner in the game at Coquitlam Lions on 6th. February 1994

Bruce Cook scored the teams 500th. goal against North Delta Lions on 27th. July 1994

In the 1994 Vernon Tournament, with The Classics winning 2-3 and needing one more goal to reach the final, the referee abandoned the game for rough play with 11 mins. still left of the match

Gary Hackel became the first player to concede two penalties in one game. They occurred in the 0-10 win at Maple Ridge Thistle on 13th. November 1994. Hackel saved one penalty and the other was missed when Jim Eden was deputising in goal

The Classics 200th. game was played on 5th. February 1995 at Cambie Jr. against Nova Messengers

When Al Werbowski scored his 25th. goal, in the last game of the 1994-95 season against North Shore Rapids at Roch Park, he beat the record 24 goals in a season previously held by Nigel Bowkett

On 1st. October 1995 Al Werbowski broke his own previous best of 5 goals in a game when he put 7 goals past the Caribe S.C. goalkeeper in the 0-11 win at Newton Athletic

The first black player to represent The Classics was Kiko Sagastizado when he played at Johnathan Rogers Park against Metro's on 15th. October 1995

Tony Short scored the 600th. goal against Polonia when he hit the winner on 24th. May 1995

The 300th. goal against was scored by Peace Arch on 7th. June 1995

The club's 700th goal came at Richmond United on 26th. November 1995

The best win by The Classics has been 11-0 v Langley (H) and v Caribe S.C. (A)

The highest drawn game was 4-4 v Tugs Classics on 29th. September 1991

Four penalties were awarded in the game at Croatia on 16th. June 1992. Three were awarded to Classics (scored) and one awarded to Croatia (saved)

In the Summer Season 1993 The Classics scored 91 goals in 26 games

Al Werbowski scored 34 goals in the Summer 1995 season, an average of 1.55 per. game

From 12th. July to 29th. October 1995 Al Werbowski scored in every game, a total of 41 goals in 17 games, giving him an average of 2.4 goals per. game

The best goalkeeping average, over 7 games, is shared by Al Weaving and Gary Hackel with an average of 0.57 goals against

From 6th. July 1994 to 13th. November 1994 Gary Hackel saved 4 consecutive penalties

From 13th. November 1994 to 4th. December 1994 Gary Hackel had 4 consecutive shut-outs

From 31st. July 1991 to 26th. January 1992 the Classics went 20 matches undefeated including 15 consecutive wins

From 1992 to 1994 Al Rogers made 58 consecutive appearances for the club

Classics first coach was Randy Collins who was in charge until the club split to two teams at the start of the 1991-92 season. His record was: P41 W29 D4 L8 F100 A59

Les Horvath coached the team from 1991 to 17th. May 92. In that time The Classics won the Scottsdale Classics Tournament (1991), the Peace Arch Tournament (1991) and the Willie Schell Tournament, Nelson (1992). His full record was: P29 W22 D5 L2 F88 A34

Al Werbowski coached the team from the start of the 1994-95 season to 11th. December 94. His record was: P9 W7 D0 L2 F35 A13

Gary Hackel became the club's fifth coach. Nicknamed Bill LeFarge by the team, he became the shortest serving coach on record. His results were: P2 W0 D0 L2 F4 A8

Jim Eden coached the team, with two short breaks, from 20th. May 1992 to the end of the 1996 summer season. In that time the team won the Willie Schell Tournament (1993) and the Peace Arch Tournament in four consecutive seasons (1993-6), were runners up in the Vernon Tournament (1995), semi-finalists in the Classics Tournament (1993), finished fourth in the Vernon Tournament (1994) and were undefeated in the summer season of 1993. His full record was: P189 W135 D22 L32 F548 A264

On 18th. May 1997 Rene Prive became the first female to represent the Classics when she played in the 4-2 defeat against Slocan in a friendly in Nelson

When Fisher Crockett missed the game against Peace Arch on 11th. June 1997 it was the first game he had missed since 24th. May 1995, making a club record of 80 consecutive appearances

The Classics 300th. game was played against Pacific Western. Pacific won 2-0 in the 1997 Peace Arch Tournament on 19th. July 1997

In the Peace Arch Tournament on 20th. July 1997 the Classics had to call on 8 A.N.Other players, a club record, as they fielded only 6 of their regular team. The game ended in a 1-1 draw against the hosts, Peace Arch

Jordan Roselund became the youngest player to represent The Classics over 40’s when he played in the friendly against Aldergrove on 14th. September 97. Jordan was 14 years and 25 days old as he was born on 20th. August 1983

In the 6-2 win over Port Moody on 15th. February 98, the Classics scored a ‘goal’ which the referee did not allow. The Port Moody goalkeeper confessed to the ref. during the half-time break that the ball had crossed the line . The ‘scorer’ was unknown

Bruce Cook scored his 109th. goal in his 200th. game in the friendly game versus Langley on 9th. Sept. 98. This equalled Al Werbowski's all time record number of goals. The record was broken with his 110th. goal, a penalty against Juggernaughts, on 10th. Jan 99

Dave Moore made his 100th. consecutive appearance against Caribe FC at Brookside on 17th. Jan 99

The Classics cancelled their summer season after the game against AKAL FC. Garry Hackel refused to leave the field after being red carded and the stand in referee abandoned the game. This was to be the last summer game due to shortage of players

Andy Gilleard became the youngest player to represent the over 40’s team in a league game when he played against Juggernaught on 5th. May 99 at the age of 15 years 324 days. He also scored a goal in the match thereby becoming the youngest player to score for the team

In the 1-2 loss against New West Regals all the goals were scored by Classics players. Dave Moore got one for each team and Fisher Crockett bagged the winner

Dave Moore was injured for the Moody United game at Ioco on 28th. November 99 breaking a 117 run of consecutive games

In the match against Britannia on 29th. July 2000 Larry Gaukel scored the 1000th. Classics goal

The game against Jolly Coachmen on 17th. Sept. 2000 ended in a 7-1 deficit creating the biggest ever defeat for the Classics

5 players each scored 2 goals in the 0-10 victory at Park Royal Physio on 15th. Oct. 2000. This included two second half goals by Gary Hackel, the goalkeeper

On 22nd. October 2000 Dave Moore equalled the all time record of scoring two own goals in one game in the 1-4 loss at home to Coquitlam Lions

The game against Cliff Avenue on 19th. Oct. 2000 was stopped for 7 minutes when an opposition player collaped from a suspected heart attack. He was taken off in an ambulance

Alan Burton made his 300th. appearance against Aldergrove in the 1-1 draw on 20th. June 01

The 0-1 default win over Trafalgar on 3rd. July 01 was the 400 game played by the Classics

Billy Ranger made his 100th. appearance for the Classics in the 2-0 loss at BC Transit on 30th. May 2001

In the 2-2 draw against Stingers at Hellings Park on 4th. November 2001 the Classics were shown 3 yellow cards and one red card. They also conceded two penalties, one of which was saved by Gary Hackel

Dave Moore had to have 9 stitches in a head wound after a clash of heads at Coquitlam Lions on 25th. November 2001

An Alan Burton penalty conversion against Langley Aces on 13th. January 2002 was his 100th. goal. It was his first goal of the season after 10 appearances

Dave Moore made his 400th. appearance in the 4-3 win over Poco Blues on 3rd. March 2002

In the 2001-02 season the Classics recorded their best ever goals conceded in a season. They conceded an average of 1.05 goals per game in 18 games

Les Horvath made his 200th. appearance in the 3-1 loss at BC Transit on 1st May 2002

On 8th. May 2002 Dave Moore scored a 70 yard goal against Giant Panda at Hamilton Community Centre

It was recorded that on 5th. June 2002 Manfred Soucker completed a game without being caught off-side!

On 24th. July 2002 at Hellings Park, home of the Stingers, Jim Eden scored his 100th. goal for the club. In the same game it was also Garry Hackel's 300th. appearance and Fisher Crockett's 400th. appearance for the club

[All time scoring record]

Jim Eden equalled Bruce Cook's all time scoring record when he hit his 111th. goal for the club against Trafalgar on 23rd. February 2003. On 16th. March 2003 his first goal of a hat-trick against Poco Blues beat the previous record.

In the 1-1 draw at Richmond Pioneers on 26th. October 03, Chas Jones made his 300th. appearance for the club

When Aldergrove #2 scored in the 1-2 win at South Aldergrove on 9th. November 03 it was the 600th. goal conceded by the club

The 1-0 win over Langley Aces on 1st. February 2004 was the team's 300th. win and Alfie Deglan made his 100th. appearance in the same game

The Classics completed the 2003-04 winter season undefeated and set a new record of 24 league games undefeated, beating their previous best of 16 league games and 20 games in all competitions

The Classics cut short the summer season in 2004 but still remained undefeated. They have now gone 34 league games without defeat and beat their previous best goals conceded record. They let in a miserly 8 goals to set a new record of 0.8 per game.

Chuck McGill made his 100th. appearance in the 3-0 win over Delta United on 17th. October 2004

Jim Eden made his 400th. appearance in the 3-0 win at Peace Arch on 21st. November 2004

Larry Thorlakson made his 100th. appearance in the 1-1 draw with BC Transit on 30th. January 2005

On 27th. February 2005, the Classics clocked up their 50th. league game without defeat, beating Premiership Arsenal's amazing run.

Rick Geary made his 200th. appearance in the 2-0 win at Caribe on 6th. March 2005. In the same game Manfred Soucker equalled Garry Hackel’s long standing record of four consecutive shut-outs.

Manfred Soucker beat the consecutive shut-out record when he kept goal in the 4-0 win over Peace Arch on 13th March 2005. He went one better the following Sunday when he recorded his 6th. consecutive shut-out in the final match of the season, a 0-0 draw at Richmond Pioneers and then kept a shut out in a friendly against Giant Panda to make it 7 in a row.

The Classics equalled the all time low of goals conceded in a season when they let in a miserly 8 goals in the 2004-05 season. They did beat the all time average though with an average goals per game of 0.42.

In the 1-3 win at Delta United on 24th. September 2005, Mike Snow made his 100th. appearance, Billy Ranger's second goal was his 100th. goal and Hans Erker hung up his boots just three matches short of his 300th. appearance.

The Classics went a remarkable 725 minutes without conceding a goal between 6th. February and 21st. May 2005 in all games. They also went 575 minutes of league play between 6th. February and 18th. September without conceding.

On the 5th. February 2006 the Classics beat the Stingers 4-1 and secured a three year unbeaten league run.

The Classics lost 4-5 at home to the Richmond Pioneers on 5th. March 2006. The defeat ended a 67 match unbeaten league record.

The Classics received a record 9 cards (7 yellow, 2 red) in the 0-1 win at BC Transit on 26th. March 2006. The perpetrators were Arcari (2 yellow, 1 red), Wilson (2 yellow, 1 red) McGill, Marrington, Eden. The game was also Ray Marrington's 200th. appearance.

Doug Smith made his 100th. appearance in the 1-1 draw with Ben United in the 2006 Aldergrove Tournament.

Dave Moore made his 500th. appearance for the club in the final of the Aldergrove Tournament against Chilliwack on 2nd. April 2006.

The 3-1 win over Silver Stars (Vernon) in the 3rd/4th play-off match in the 2006 Vernon Touirnament was special for Fisher Crockett as it was his 500th. appearance for the club since records have been kept.

Billy Ranger hit four goals in the 9-0 thrashing of Langley Aces on 18th. February 2007. It was a great way to celebrate at it was Ranger's 200th. appearance for the club.

Alfie Deglan scored the only goal of the game as the Classics travelled to Chilliwack on 11th. March 2007. The match was remembered as a famous win as the Classics had Dave Moore in goals so the team were up against it. They had the luxury of having a penalty awarded in their favour but Chris Arcari missed the spot kick. The goal was Deglan's 50th. for the club.

The team recorded their best ever disciplinary record in the 2006-07 season as they had their lowest count of cards, two yellows, which were picked up by Bruce Cook and Chas Jones.

Chris Arcari scored a brace against Cliff Avenue in the 6-3 win at McMillan Island on 17th. February 2007. The first of his goals was his 50th. for the club. In the same match a club record was made by Danny Jensen when he became the first player to conceded two penalties in one match.

Bruce Cook made his 300th. appearance for the team in the 5-3 success over Langley Aces at McMillan Island on 18th. November 2007. Two matches later he retired from the team with 138 goals to his credit.

Bill McAuley scored a goal in the 6-3 win over Richmond United Olympics on 2nd March 2008 on the day that he made his 100th. appearance for the club. In the same match both Rick Geary (mouthing) and Chuck McGill (foul) were sent to the sin bin after previously receiving yellow cards. McGill however, had the honour of scoring the teams 1,500th. goal with the first goal of the game.

On 26th. October 2008 at McNeill Park South, Danny Jensen had the distinction of scoring an own goal and converting a penalty in the same match as the Classics beat Ben United 4-2. Chris Arcari made his 100th. appearance in the match.

Garry Hackel made his 400th. appearance in the 3-0 win over Langley Aces on 10th. January 2010 at Denny Ross. Gordie Macklin and Alan Massender were both sin-binned in the match.

When Polonia won 2-0 at Denny Ross on 24th. January 2010, the result meant that they became the only team to do the double over the Classics in a season since Britannia did it back in the summer season of 2002.

On the opening day of the 2010-11 season the Classics travelled the short distance to Ron Ralph North to take on First Capital. The half time score was 4-0 to the visitors and the full time score was 11-1. What was remarkable was that ten different goalscorers got on the team-sheet. The men to hit the back of the net were Deglan, Crockett, G. Crowley, R. Keam (2), Macklin, Rohla, Massender, Rosenlund, Jensen, McGill. Three Classics players: Herbert; Rosenlund; Crockett all played part of the game for the opposition.

Jim Eden made his 500th. appearance for the club in the 6-3 success over First Capital on 7th. November 2010. It was quite a day for Eden as he scored his first goal of the season and equalled the all time scoring record of 138 goals which he now shares with Bruce Cook. Another remarkable feat about the match was that it coincided with the 200th. appearances of both Chuck McGill and Alfie Deglan.

On 16th. January 2011 the Classics played Aldergrove away at McMillan Island. Gordie Macklin was the tormentor in chief as he bagged five goals on the day.

When Jim Eden scored on 6th. February 2011 it was his 139th. goal for the club and establishes him as the all-time leading goalscorer.

In the 2010/11 season the Classics surpassed their previous best record of 15 successive wins by winning 20 consecutive league games. The best professional record is 14 which is jointly held by Arsenal, Manchester United, Bristol City and Preston North End. Another best record was beaten in the same season as the club beat the previous best average goals per season when they scored a total of 3.9 goals per game in 22 matches.

The Classics travelled to Aldergrove on 23rd. October 2011 to win their 400th. game and they did it with some class. The visitors sailed into a 7-0 half time lead and completed the victory by a convincing 9-1 scoreline with Alan Massender leading the scoring with a hat-trick. All the other goals were scored by different players including one from the opposition.

The 4-4 draw at South Arm against the Richmond Pioneers on 20th. November 2011 equalled the all time record for a scoring draw.

A decimated Classics travelled to face C Gladiators on 26th. February 2010 with just 10 fit players. Golden oldie Chas Jones, who had travelled to Honda Park to watch the game, ended up 'volunteering' to don the goalkeeping gloves and spent the majority of the game in goals. However, it was to no avail as the visitors lost a close fought game 3-2. Gordie Macklin and Danny Jensen both received red cards in the match.

The last game of the 2011/12 season was a 6-2 success over Delta United and it was debut day for Dave Jones who hit four of the goals from the centre-back position. Another point of note was achieved in the game by Fisher Crockett who tied Dave Moore on appearances for the club. Both players have now achieved an impressive 599 games for the club.

Dave Moore made his 600th. appearance in the 1-3 away win against West Coast Auto/Witch of Endor on 16th. September 2012 at Pitt Meadow Athletic ground.

The second Serbia goal, which was scored in the 6-1 drubbing against a 10 man Classics team, was the 800th. goal to be conceded by the club. The match was played at Queens Park South on 30th. September 2012.

Fisher Crockett made his 600th. appearance in the 5-1 home win over Tri City United on 14th. October 2012 at Noel Booth.

A record 11 disciplinary cards were issued in the 1-1 draw with Serbia at Queens Park South on 18th. November 2012.

Jimmy Butler wrote himself into the record books with a six minute hat-trick in the game at Essondale at Coquitlam Centre (North). The game was played on 25th. November 2012 and the Classics ran out 1-4 winners.

An unprecidented event occurred after the 4-2 success over Serbia United on 10th. March 2013 as the Classics ran out of beer! This was a first for the club. It was not that there was insuffcient supplies, but the sheer quantity of players and supporters who joined in the celebratory post-game festivities made it necessary to 'order in' more refreshment beverages.

Long time coach Jim Eden announced his retirement as coach at the end of the 2012/13 season as he wanted to concentrate his efforts on playing and helping the team ON the field. Tony Short took up the reins and guided the club until Christmas when he resigned with an undefeated record. Jim Eden returned to once again continue the coaching duties.

In the home fixture against Fort United on 6th. October 2013, Dave Moore became the oldest player to save a penalty shot. He was 8 days short of his 66th. birthday.

The 1st. Dec 2014 match at MacLean Park against Tri City United was the Classics' 100th. drawn game.

The last match of the 2013/14 season against Chilliwack resulted in a career shattering injury for goalkeeper Dean Herbert. Herbert went down with a knee injury which would ultimately end his playing career. It was a cruel end to a successful and undefeated campaign.

The 2013/14 season witnessed individual playing milestones for Chuck McGill and Jim Eden who achieved 250 and 550 appearances respectively.

On 26th. September 2014, Fisher Crockett announced his official retirement from the game. His last game came on the 24th. February 2013 in a 4-0 win over West Coast Auto/Witch of Endor. Recorded as his 603rd. game (since records began) Crockett scored nine goals (one match winner), four own goals and conceded six penalties. He also missed a penalty and received 10 yellow cards and one red card in al illustrious playing career. He later became the club's first ever 'Ring of Honour' member.

Jimmy Butler struck four of the five goals in a 5-0 win over Chilliwack on 1st. March 2015.

The end of the 2014/15 season brought personal milestones for the following players: Pat Rohla & Gene Crowley made their 100th appearances, Chris Arcari made his 200th appearance, Alfie Deglan & Larry Thorlakson made their 250th appearances.

Gordie Macklin made his 100th. appearance in the 4-2 home defeat by AKAL in the first game of the 2016/17 season.

It was quite a day on 30th. October 2016 for Larry Thorlakson. He conceded penalty, received a yellow card and scooped the ‘You Were Crap Award’ for the game in the 2-1 victory over Chilliwack at James Hill.

The 1-0 home win over Inter on 13th. November was a milestone as it was the clubs 700th. win. The important goal was scored by Gordie Macklin.

The match against Piast on 20th. November 2016 was significant. The first goal was scored by Sherman Foster and it was the clubs 2,000th. Warren Crowley also clocked up his 150th. appearance in the 2-0 victory.

Dave Moore made his 650th. Appearance on 12th. March 2017. He could have hoped for a better occasion but the side went down 5-0, their worst ever home defeat, to a rampant Peace Arch.

Three unwanted records occurred in the 2016/17 season; with only 19 goals scored in 12 matches it was the record for least goals in a season. The previous record dated back to 1998. The club also equalled the longest run without a win (4 matches) as they stumbled to a season end with one draw and three defeats. The three consecutive defeats also equalled a record which dated back to 1999.

The club decided (see above entry) that it was time to ‘graduate’ to the over 55s league. Jim Eden retired from an illustrious career as player/coach (since 1992) to concentrate on his game and the club duly entered the south-west section for the 2017/18 season.

With no recognised coach, the club brought in a new policy of rotating coaches (in pairs) for the 2017/18 season. The first couple to take charge was Chris Arcari and Gene Crowley who achieved a 2-0 success at Chilliwack in the first game of the season.

Jimmy Butler scored the fastest goal in the clubs history at Chilliwack on the 17th. Sept. 2017. His opening goal was timed at 25 seconds which enters him into the Oldham Brewery Book of Records. He went on to score both goals in the match, his second coming in the final few minutes.

Pat O'Krane made his 50th. appearance on 5th. November 2017 in the 3-2 win over Britannia at James Hill.

The first match of the 2018/19 season at Aldergrove was Jimmy Butler's 100th. appearance which was duly celebrated with the eighth hat trick of his Classics career. The game was also significant as it contained two 70-year-old players in the same team at the same time; Jim Eden and Dave Moore being the 'silver foxed' terriers.

Gene Crowley made his 150th. appearance for the team in the 7-0 thrashing of Britannia at James Hill on 21st. January 2018.

The highest ever away defeat of 7-0 was recorded at Peninsular Transit on 30th. Sept 2018. It was a terrible game played in incessent rain and the Classics could only muster 11 players for the match which was a feisty affair. It was also the day that David Breen played his 50th. game for the club - quite a memorable one.

The 6th. January 2019 game at Aldergrove North witnessed the 100th. game for Darly Lawrie. The Classics won 0-3 at Fort United with Lawrie bagging a brace.

The opening match of the 2019/20 season against Britannia on 15th. September brought the quickest goal ever seen against the Classics. It came within 25 seconds of the kick-off - the first job of keeper Jason Clegg was to pick the ball out of the net.

Gordie Macklin played his 150th. game on 3rd. November 2019. The Classics entertained Britannia in a 3-0 win at James Hill and he scored too.

The crazy 7-5 Gladiators v Classics match at McMath School on 8th. December 2019 was the 150th. game played for the club by Alan Massender.

Jimmy Butler equalled the all-time record goals for the club with his hat-trick against Burnaby on 15th. December 2019. His third goal in the 5-4 win was his 141st. goal, which equalled the 141 goals scored by Jim Eden. It was also the match where Brian Griffiths made his 50th. Appearance.

The Classics recorded their 500th victory in a 0-2 win over Westside Volley at Musqueam on 24th. November 2019. Jimmy Butler and Alan Massender scored the vital goals. It was a memorable game as Larry Thorlakson played his 300th game and Pat Rohla made his 150th appearance. Jimmy Butler equalled the all-time record for match winning goals when he equalled Jim Eden's record of 30 MWGs, in a game played in tremendous spirit by both teams.

Lorenzo Arcari and Willie Dixon shared their 100th. appearance date on 9th. February 2020 in the 1-3 win against Rangers at Inter River 6.

A team meeting was called on 4th July 2021 regarding a way forward after the Covid pandemic. A committee tried to rally enough troops to make an attempt at an over 55s or over 60s team for the coming season. However, after a week of deliberation, the general consensus was the assumption that the death knell had rung for the team which is very poignant. Talks of forming an 'exhibition team' were discussed but it was fraught with pitfalls and had to be abandoned. It was decided that now would be the right time to inform players that they could be made available on the 'free transfer list' as it would be unfair to hinder their chances of getting set up with a new team for September. It was a sorry end to a very successful team which had stuck together through thick and thin but it had to be brought it to an abrupt end to allow players to plan their futures.

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